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HowTo: Create scenes from OpenStreetMap

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1. Getting OpenStreetMap (OSM) data

  • Go to
  • Search for the desired place (e.g. Heidelberg)
  • Select Export (green top button)
  • Select Manually select a different area and define the region of interest
  • Select Export (blue button below the region's coordinates)
  • A file named map.osm will be downloaded in your computer

2. Converting OSM data into a 3D model

  • Go to and download the latest build
    Alternatively, get the last version from the github repository
  • Run the executable (java -jar OSM2World.jar)
    Then select File > Open OSM File and once loaded File > Export OBJ File
    Alternatively, use the following command:
    java -jar OSM2World.jar -i map.osm -o map.obj
    This will generate the 3D model files map.obj and map.obj.mtl

2.1. (Optional) Adding terrain elevation

Note that OSM data lacks elevation data, so that the generated terrain will be flat. However, it is possible to use elevation data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) (see The process is as follows:

  • Create a OSM2World configuration file name with the following content:
    srtmDir = SRTM
  • Create a folder named SRTM in the OSM2World root folder
  • Run OSM2World using the configuration:
    java -jar OSM2World.jar -i map.osm -o map.obj --config
    This will display a message indicating what STRM files are needed:
    warning: missing SRTM tile N49E008.hgt
  • Download the missing SRTM files into the SRTM folder.
    Recommended source: SRTMGL1 from USGS EROS Center (requires account)
  • Rerun OSM2World:
    java -jar OSM2World.jar -i map.osm -o map.obj --config
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