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MapSwipe Analytics Tutorial

A tutorial for the MapSwipe App, designed to be accessed from mobile devices. It may get integrated in the Mapswipe App.

Created at HeiGIT for MapSwipeAnalytics.


What to do

Multiple examples of contributions are shown to the user together with the result and instructions for the app. Use the arrows th navigate through the single features.

How it works

Leaflet, Leaflet time dimensions example geojson, fields, color

How to use the code

You can use this project as a base for your own tuturial for Maspwipe or other projects.

You need a geojson as input file. data/tut_examples.geojson The features need to following properties:

Attribute Type Description
result Integer Result coded as Integer
tut String Short instruction shown above the feature
new_id Integer Unique, continious ID starting from 1. Features will be shown in this order

Options to assign Strings and colors to the Result will be added later

How to gather example data

P. e. using Mapswipe API

Mapswipe Analytics

Use QGis to work with geojson data. The OpenLayers Plugin can help to show the Bing Imagery used in the app. Add the fields specified above.

Bugs, issues and contributions

Feedback is always welcome! For any wishes or notes about bugs please use a issue!