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HCom is a client / server communication system which allows the user to send data between software like Houdini and Maya through local network. It allows to send meshes, bitmaps, alembic cache data and houdini digital assets ( more to come soon ... ).

It is based on Python 2.7 and the rpyc library, the UI is written with PySide ( shipped with Houdini and Maya ).

How it works:

  • A hCom python server runs on a machine on the network
  • On each user machine you can connect an hCom client ( from Maya or/and Houdini ) to the server.
  • you can send data to any user connected to hCom, for houdini digital assets, only maya with Houdini Engine installed can receive them.

Demo on vimeo:

Help : http://guillaumejobst.blogspot.fr/p/hcom.html

https://vimeo.com/127091487 ( Houdini to Houdini )

https://vimeo.com/127655675 ( Houdini to Maya )

https://vimeo.com/128033450 ( Alembic support )