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Build Status

Development code for General Lake Model (GLM).

##Model Access

The primary source of GLM-AED for most users is the University of Western Australia GLM website. The code and versions available here represent unstable development releases that should be avoided by non-expert users.

##Dev Environment Setup

Instructions for getting linux dev environment for GLM. need 64bit ubuntu VM. These are not guaranteed to work.

I needed to get the dev libraries of netcdf and libgd2

sudo apt-get install libnetcdf-dev libgd2-xpm-dev

build essential covered many support libraries:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

not sure if all of this was needed too for [R] ncdf4 package:

sudo apt-get install libnetcdf6 libgd2-xpm
sudo apt-get install netcdf-doc
sudo apt-get install netcdf-bin

Lastly, GLM also requires the intel fortran support libraries which do not have a .deb install package so cannot be checked for. We built and tested against l_fcompxe_2013.2.146_redist.tgz which is available here:

We install the libraries in /opt/intel after which we copy the libifort.conf file from the Support directory (in dropbox) to /etc/ and run :

sudo ldconfig

To build deb package (at the end of, I needed

sudo apt-get install debhelper

to build package (from GLM_Developers root):


Run a test case

cd glm-aed/test/BigMuskie/

NOTE, below is no longer relevant. This is handled very well in GLMr and is the preferred way of distribution to novice and intermediate users

updates for mac 2014-09-17

today the dependencies for macGLM1.3.2 were modified so that the baked in dylib dependencies could be put in a sim/bin directory instead of root/hydro.

from the sim/ directory (which contains glm unix exe), otool -L glm # which lists dependencies This shows that libnetncdf.7.dylib is default in /Users/hydro/devel/lib/libnetcdf.7.dylib

Then I used install_name_tool on mac to modify the dependency location:
install_name_tool -change /Users/hydro/devel/lib/libnetcdf.7.dylib ../bin/devel/lib/libnetcdf.7.dylib glm
The bin directory was added as well, and the libraries in hydro were moved here.

Ran glm from the sim dir with ./glm

       |  General Lake Model (GLM)   Version 1.3.2    |
Reading config from glm.nml
No fabm config
nDays 730 timestep 3600.000000
values for base_elev, crest_elev and V are no longer used
No diffuser data, setting default values
Simulation begins...
Running day  2455195, 100.00% of days complete
              Run Complete

Now we need to try this on other computers. The goal is to be able to set up glm for macs using a thumb drive (as we can with windows).

When we get a new dump of code on dropbox, we remove the .git subfolders: rm -R -f */.git