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Why am I getting an [L] after the title of posts?

This is an administration hint added to restricted contents and is only shown to users which have the rights to configure the User Access Manager (administrators and so on). This can be deactivated at the settings page.

How works the User Access Manager?

All posts/pages which are not in a user access group are accessible to all users. Posts/pages can put to groups by themselves, categories or recursive (most by pages).

How dose "Role affiliation" work?

This example will give you an overview:

  • Posts: Post1, Post2
  • Users: User1 (admin), User2 (subscriber), User3 (subscriber)


  • Group1: Users: User2, User3 | Posts: Post1 | Role affiliation: subscriber
  • Group2: Users: User3 | Posts: Post2 | Role affiliation: -


  • Post1: User1 because he is a admin, User2 because he is in the group and a subscriber, User3 he is a subscriber (to this group all subscribers has access!)
  • Post2: User1 because he is a admin, User3 because he is in the group (only group members has access because there is no role affiliation!)

I get an login box "WP-Files", what can I do?

  • You can deactivate the file locking at the UAM settings.
  • You can replace your media files in your posts. Just delete the old link and insert it again. (A new working link will generated)
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