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Primarily a bug fix release to fix a build issue resulting in internal logging messages being disabled for some of the release packages. Also includes a maxcosimduration argument for brokers to kill the co-sim after a certain amount of wall clock time.


  • CMake issue resulting in internal logging messages being disabled for some builds including some package releases.
  • Fixed a few deadlock pathways if the core was killed internally.
  • Fixed some timeout issues in the CI builds.
  • Fixed a potential race condition when setting the log file after execution has started on helics cores.


  • CMake version 3.22 tested and used if available.
  • The TCP networking components that were not core to HELICS have been moved to a separate repo and linked as a submodule. See networking.
  • Several documentation fixes and updates.
  • Moved to using the upstream toml11 repo instead of a custom modified version. Customized modifications have now been merged upstream.


  • '--maxcosimduration' flag added in the broker to specify a max co-sim duration after which the cosimulation will be terminated.
  • helicsGetSystemInfo() function was added to the API to retrieve HELICS version and system info for debugging and diagnostic purposes.
  • Added a threaded signal handler to execute close out operations in a new thread and return control back to the main thread to wait for error signals.
  • Added helicsFederateInfoLoadFromString to better match C++ API available functions. This loads the federateInfo structure from command line arguments contained in a string.