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This version of the helics-ns3 module WILL NOT WORK with ns-3.36 or newer. Use ns-3.35 (or slightly older). It uses the WAF contrib build system, and ns-3 switched build systems from WAF to CMake for version 3.36, along with making other breaking changes to their code.

It is recommended to update to the latest versions of helics-ns3 and ns-3; older versions using WAF will not be supported/maintained.

Build Status

helics-ns3 is an ns-3 module for coupling network simulations with other simulators using HELICS.

Older versions of HELICS and/or ns-3

For the last supported releases with older versions of HELICS and ns-3, look for the tags starting with HELICS-vand match the HELICS version with the build system (waf or cmake). Or look at the Releases page and find the most recent release for your version of HELICS and ns-3 build system.

For HELICS 3 and ns-3 using waf, HELICS-v3.x-cmake is the last tagged release.

For HELICS 2 and ns-3 using CMake, HELICS-v2.x-cmake is the last tagged release.

For HELICS 2 and ns-3 using waf, HELICS-v2.x-waf is the last tagged release.

For HELICS 1 (upgrade highly recommended), ns-3 using CMake is not supported; the final tag is HELICS-v1.3.x.


Install version 3+ of HELICS; for building from source, be sure to set the CMake variable -DHELICS_BUILD_CXX_SHARED_LIB=ON and -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<path to install folder you have access to>.

Get a copy of ns-3.35 (slightly older may also work).


git clone -b ns-3.35


Clone a copy of this repository into a folder named helics in the ns-3 contrib directory. The module directory name must be helics, otherwise the ns-3 build system will be confused.

cd ns-3-dev/
git clone contrib/helics

Run ./waf configure with the --disable-werror option, and set the --with-helics option to the path of your HELICS installation. To enable examples or tests use --enable-examples or --enable-tests, respectively. If ZMQ is not found, --with-zmq can be used to specify where it is installed. Paths should be absolute.

After configuration is done, run ./waf build to compile ns-3 with the HELICS module.

./waf configure --with-helics=/usr/local --disable-werror --enable-examples --enable-tests
./waf build


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. Please see CONTRIBUTING for some additional notes on licensing of new components and modifications.


The helics-ns3 repository is distributed under the terms of the GPL-v2 license as required by NS3 since this library derives some code from that code base.

Individual source files that do not require derivation from NS3 are licensed as BSD style. Any contributions to non-NS3 derived files ideally should be made with BSD markings in the source file. At some point in the future if legally allowed or the NS-3 derived components can be removed the repository will be relicensed.

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-v2