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Helics-Omnetpp contains examples of the interaction between HELICS and OMNeT++.


  1. Install HELICS.
  2. Install OMNeT++

Installation of HELICS

HELICS download for preferred OS (Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS, docker) can be found here.

HELICS also provides options of installing through an installer (must donwload pre-compiled libraries from release page and add to path) or package manager.

Installation of OMNeT++

OMNeT++ download for preferred OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS, docker) can be found here. This will download a zipped file which needs to be extracted under a directory that does not contain any spaces in the name.

Depending on which OS you are using, you will be need to follow the instructions directed in the Install Guide on the OMNeT++ website.

NOTE: You may need to set PREFER_CLANG=no and PREFER_LLD=no in configure.user

OMNeT++ can be ran using their MSYS2 commandline tool or their IDE. Both have been embedded with their simulation kernel which is based on C++.

Tips on running examples:

  • OMNET++ examples cannot be ran simply by importing the entire example into the workspace. You must create an OMNET++ project first and then import the necessary files.

    • In OMNET++ workspace, Go to File > New > OMNeT++ Project
    • Once Project is created, right click on project name > Import.
      • General > Filesystem > Choose directory that holds files that need to be imported i.e. .cc, .ned, .ini files.
  • HELICS library and include paths need to be added to Path and Symbols in OMNeT++ IDE and also under Properties/OMNeT++/Makemake/Build option. (For a step by step direction, please go to config_guide directory)

  • Make sure that helics_broker is accepting the appropriate number of federates.

Directory Navigation

  • Config_guide
    • cmdline : Instructions on how to run OMNeT++ with HELICS on the commandline
    • ide : Instructions on how to run OMNeT++ with HELICS in the IDE
      • helics-from-installer : use this guide if you installed HELICS through the installer
      • helics-from-source : use this guide if you installed HELICS from source (git)
  • Install-guide : Additional instructions for HELICS and OMNeT++
    • helics-installer-guide : Instructions to install HELICS using the installer / Break down of the HELICS directories needed for OMNeT++
    • omnetpp-setup-guide : Instructions on how to start a new OMNeT++ project (This step is needed before running any OMNeT++ project, whether you're importing a project or starting from scratch).


HELICS and helics-omnetpp are distributed under the terms of the BSD-3 clause license. All new contributions must be made under this license.

SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause


Examples of using Omnet++ with HELICS







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