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@nathandunn nathandunn released this Dec 13, 2018 · 115 commits to master since this release

Apollo 2.2.0 Official Release

Major features of this release are:

  • webpack support added
  • update to the newest JBrowse (1.15) to support WebPack added

Some other improvements:


  • Add ability to annotate terminators 1954
  • Allowed removal of ALL user permissions (instead of deleting) to inactivate 777

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed by where lowercase reference sequence does not translate correctly in 'Get Sequence' output 1944
  • Fixed problem where removing an available status type caused an error 1909
  • Fixed bug where a logged-in link location was ignored when passed in by copying the logged in URL 1982
  • Fixed bug where insertion and deletion details did not come up in the Annotator Panel when clicked 1984

Other bug fixes and features added as well:

Note You will need to install node 6 or better.
Note If updating your jbrowse settings from previous versions in apollo-config.groovy you will need to set the JBrowse to use the currently tagged version or similar. If this is commented out, however, the default will work.
Note If upgrading a pre-existing version (instead of downloading a clean one), use ./apollo clean-all first and make sure your configuration matches the default listed above.

The complete change log can be found at:

Please review the documentation pages for more details:

Note: You can find a guide upgrading existing Apollo installations here:

Please open a GitHub issue if you find any problems:

Active mailing list ( and archive.

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