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Revision history for Perl extension Bio::Graphics.
1.04 Fri Apr 12 08:20:35 EDT 2002
- This is the same version that is in BioPerl version 1.01.
- Take advantage of optimizations in Bio::DB::GFF::Feature so don't
have to retrieve subfeatures at low magnifications (when you can't
see 'em anyway).
1.03 Fri Apr 12 00:26:12 EDT 2002
- Fixes to handle case of a transcript glyph that is zoomed in so
far that only an intron shows (no exons).
1.02 Sun Mar 31 16:19:35 EST 2002
- Make the Bio::Graphics::Feature objects more-or-less compatible with
Bio::SeqFeatureI and Bio::LocationI. Slightly difficult because
this is a moving target.
- Minor bugfixes to support Generic Genome browser version 1.37
0.98 Fri Feb 22 14:02:11 EST 2002
-Fixed up the scale so that numbers don't (or shouldn't)
0.97 Mon Feb 18 22:04:57 EST 2002
-Added the "dna" glyph, which supports display of raw DNA and a GC
content histogram.
0.96 Fri Jan 11 13:23:03 EST 2002
-Added support for displaying heterogeneous features, such as WABA similarities.
0.95 Thu Jan 3 08:50:01 EST 2002 (LS)
-Removed generic genome browser from project, it is now part of
0.92 Sat Dec 8 23:28:19 EST 2001 (LS)
-Fixed up key glyph so that it correctly tracks what appears on screen
-Fixed wormbase_transcript glyph so that it uses the skinny arrow when
there isn't enough room to show the filled arrow.
0.91 Sun Nov 18 22:59:14 EST 2001 (LS)
-Modified to accept vanilla GFF format.
-Fixed so that empty tracks (height zero) do not take
up space in the map.
0.90 Sun Nov 18 21:46:46 EST 2001 (LS)
- Added the gbrowse genome browser script and supporting files
- Added a wormbase_transcript glyph for Wormbase's curated/uncurated genes.
0.85 Mon Oct 1 16:41:57 EDT 2001 (LS)
- Changed all instances of stop() to end() so that BioSeqFeatureI is supported
0.82 Fri Jul 20 10:36:57 EDT 2001 (LS)
- Removed perl 5.6'isms.
- Added appropriate documentation to Feature.
0.81 Tue Jun 12 09:30:10 EDT 2001 (LS)
- Messed up sourceforge upload, so bumping version no
to clean up.
0.80 Tue Jun 12 09:10:15 EDT 2001 (LS)
- Basically functional
- examples in eg/
- Bio::Graphics::Panel documentation complete,
other documentation incomplete
0.01 Tue Jun 5 07:26:52 2001 (LS)
- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
-n Bio::Graphics -A
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