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<html> <head>
<title>Generic Genome Browser</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="tutorial/tutorial.css">
<h1>Generic Genome Browser, v2, VirtualBox Edition</h1>
<a href=""><img src="gmod_cog.jpeg" border="0" align="RIGHT"></a>
Welcome to the Generic Genome Browser, VirtualBox Edition!
<dt><b>Online tutorial and sample data files</b></dt>
<dd><a href="tutorial/tutorial.html">/var/www/gbrowse2/tutorial<a>.</dd>
<dt><b>Installation and configuration manual</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="">GBrowse 2.0 HOWTO</a></b></dd>
<dt><b>Example scripts to control GBrowse from the command line</b></dt>
<dd><a href="example_scripts">/var/www/gbrowse2/example_scripts</a></dd>
<h2>Example Databases</h2>
A few "starter" databases have been installed for you. You can access
them from within the virtual machine
at <a href="http://localhost/fgb2/gbrowse">http://localhost/fgb2/gbrowse</a>,
or from outside the virtual machine using
http://host.machine:8081/fgb2/gbrowse, where "host.machine" is the DNS
name or IP address of the computer that is hosting VirtualBox.
<li><a href="/fgb2/gbrowse/sacCer3">S. cerevisiae genome (April 2011), genes and DNA</a></li>
<li><a href="/fgb2/gbrowse/ce10">C. elegans genome (WS220), genes and DNA</a></li>
<li><a href="/fgb2/gbrowse/yeast_advanced">S. cerevisiae, advanced example (chromosomes 1+2 only)</a></li>
More starter databases can be installed by running the command line
script "". Genome builds are selected using
the <a href="">UCSC genome browser</a> build name.
For example, to load the human genome: hg19 'H. sapiens genome (hg19), genes and DNA'
<h2>Directory Paths</h2>
For future reference, here is where you've installed GBrowse's various
<dt>GBrowse documentation, stylesheets and in-memory databases.
<dt>GBrowse configuration files
<dt>Preinstalled sample database(s)
<dt>GBrowse CGI (web) scripts
<dt>Temporary directories for cached images and sessions.
<h2>Learning More</h2>
To find out more about Gbrowse, try the:
<li><a href="">GBrowse 2.0 HOWTO</a>
<li><a href="tutorial/tutorial.html">GBrowse Tutorial</a>
<!-- <li><a href="contrib/conf_files">Sample Configuration Files</a> -->
<address>Lincoln D. Stein,<br>
<a href="">Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory</a></address>
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Last modified: Thu Mar 18 18:59:16 PDT 2010
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</body> </html>
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