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1 parent e4336f8 commit 46ebf7087e234dfef7af666d84a29b23f8f3f398 @lstein lstein committed Aug 30, 2012
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@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
my $remember_settings_time = $globals->remember_settings_time;
-logit("Expiring sessions older than $remember_settings_time...");
+logit("Expiring sessions older than $remember_settings_time...\n");
my $dsn = $globals->code_setting(general=>'session driver');
my %dsn = shellwords($globals->code_setting(general=>'session args'));
my $rst = $globals->time2sec($remember_settings_time);
@@ -117,9 +117,9 @@
# Traverse desired filesystems
-logit("Deleting cache files and directories...\n");
+logit("Deleting cache files and directories older than ".$globals->cache_time." (see GBrowse.conf \"expire cache\" option...\n");
File::Find::finddepth( {wanted=>$wanted}, $tmpdir);
-logit("Deleting unused user uploads older than $uploads_secs seconds (see \"expire uploads\" option in GBrowse.conf)...\n");
+logit("Deleting unaccessed user uploads older than ".$globals->upload_time." (see GBrowse.conf \"expire uploads\" option)...\n");
File::Find::finddepth( {wanted=>$wanted}, $user_dir);
logit("Deleted $directories directories and $files files.\n");
if ($uploads_db) {

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