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Sheldon McKay
Sheldon McKay committed Mar 31, 2007
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@@ -156,6 +156,24 @@ Generic Genome Browser Installation
e_id=108243 which is part of the Staden Package
L) Math::FFT Statistics::Descriptive
Needed by the plugin to calculate Fast Fourier Transforms.
This module is available from CPAN.
M) Bio::PrimerDesigner Math::Round primer3
Needed by the plugin. The perl modules are available
from CPAN. The linux primer3 binary is packaged with the Bio::PrimerDesigner
distribution. The binary (or source code) can also be obtained from
If you are using this plugin, the primer3 binary must be installed
if /usr/local/bin and named 'primer3'. If it is installed in another
path, edit the followinf section in the PrimerDesigner plugin:
use constant BINARY => 'primer3';
use constant BINPATH => '/usr/local/bin';
Once the prerequisites are installed, download the most recent version
of the Generic-Genome-Browser source code from:

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