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the Generic Genome Browser

tag: release-1_63rc1
The Generic Genome Browser (GBrowse) is a simple but highly
configurable web-based genome browser.  It is a component of the
Generic Model Organism Systems Database project (GMOD).

 - For a demo, go to

 - To install on your own system, please see the INSTALL file.

 - To learn how to use the system, please see docs/tutorial.  After
   installing on your system, the tutorial will also be available at

 - To load your own data and configure GBrowse to display it, please
   see the file docs/pod/CONFIGURE_HOWTO.txt.

 - To initialize the database from one or more Genbank records, see

 - This software is free.  You can use it under the terms of the Perl
   Artistic License Please.  Please see DISCLAIMER for limitations of
   warranty, the academic citation policy and other legalese.

Support is available from the discussion groups and mailing lists at

Lincoln Stein & the GMOD team
June 1, 2005

--- AUTHORS ---

This project has had many authors.  Some of the most prominent are:

Scott Cain <>
Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko <>
Marc Logghe <>
Aaron Mackey <>
Sheldon McKay <>
Nathan O. Siemers <>
Lincoln Stein <>

Special thanks go to the authors of the translations, who include:

Franck Aniere <> (French)
Nansheng Chen <> (Chinese)
Toshiaki Katayama <> (Japanese)
Marc Logghe <> (Dutch)
Marco Mangone <> (Italian)
Linus Taejoon Kwon <linusben <at> bawi <dot> org> (Korean)
Marcela Tello-Ruiz <> (Spanish)
Gudmundur Thorisson <> (Icelandic)
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