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title: Hello! My name is Gaurav Mali
description: Personal website of a software engineering undergrad at University of Waterloo.
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<h1 class="tk-adelle">Hello! My name is <span class="blue">Gaurav Mali</span>.</h1>
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<h2>And I'm a Software Engineer who has graduated from <a href="">University of Waterloo</a>. In my spare time I <a href="" class="mainlink" title="Github" rel="nofollow">Hack</a>, I <a href="/thoughts/" class="mainlink" title="thoughts">Blog</a>, and <a href="/apps/" class="mainlink" title="Apps">develop apps</a>.</h2>
<h2>Come say Hi, and we will work on something cool!</h2>
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<a href="/contact/" title="Get in Touch!" class="touch"><img alt="Get in Touch!" src="/img/touch.png" /></a>
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<img alt="Gaurav Mali" class="gmali" src="/img/gauravmali.png" />
<img alt="Awesome Dev" class="awesome" src="/img/awesome.png" />