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"byzanz is awesome. i love byzanz. to me it represents pragmatic utility over 
 idealistic artistry"
   -- Mike Hearn

Byzanz is a simple tool to record a running X desktop to an animation suitable
for presentation in a web browser. It's design has been guided by the
following principles:
  Byzanz records animations for presentation in a web browser. If something
  doesn't fit this goal, it should not be part of Byzanz.
  When Byzanz provides a feature, it does this correctly. In particular, it
  does not crash or corrupt data.
  The user interface and programming code are simple and easy to understand
  and don't contain any unecessary features.
  Byzanz does not attempt to do be smarter than you are.
  Byzanz does not interfere with the task you are recording, neither by
  keeping a large settings window around nor by consuming all your CPU during
  a recording.

Byzanz is implemented as a GNOME applet. A command line tool for testing
purposes is available, too.

The most current code is available in GNOME git in the byzanz module. It can
be obtained via the following command:
  git clone git://git.gnome.org/byzanz
Releases are available for download at