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addressbook Bug 724017 - Crash in e_addressbook_view_delete_selection()
art Bug 732180 - Excessive CPU usage due to GtkSpinner
calendar Bug 753764 - Can't move recurring 24h calendar entries back one day
composer Bug 753705 - When attaching a file by drag and drop to the composer, …
data Bug 683695 - Use the same font in the mail vertical view
designs Stop using deprecated gtk-stock items
devel-docs Delete camel information from /devel-docs.
doc Bug 531109 - Show account name and full folder path in error messages
e-util EHTMLEditorSelection - Just first line in block is wrapped
em-format Bug 733877 - Parse attachments on demand, not on message open ]I[
help Fixes to catalan translation
libemail-engine Bug 531109 - Show account name and full folder path in error messages
libgnomecanvas Replace _BSD_SOURCE with _DEFAULT_SOURCE define
m4 Do not install tests as writable and executable for everyone
mail Crash under e_mail_reader_destroy_menu_idle_cb()
maint Rename libeutil to libevolution-util.
modules Bug 754039 - Cannot scroll via keyboard in separate email window
plugins Bug 692361 - e_cal_client_get_free_busy() broken
po Updated Spanish translation
shell Bug 675154 - Provide an application menu
smime Bug 751899 - Inconsistent form of words describing certificate trust
sounds Use Behdad's brilliant to generate .gitignore files.
tests tests: contact editor: don't collapse sections
ui Bug 263592 - Add "Go to Folder" menu option
views Bug 692578 - Display "File As" column by default in Contacts list view
win32 [Win32] Miscellaneous build changes
COPYING-DOCS Add a COPYING-DOCS file, needed for distcheck.
COPYING-DOCS.CCBYSA Updated the help license from GFDL 1.2 to GFDL 1.3 and CC-BY-SA 3.0
COPYING-DOCS.GFDL Updated the help license from GFDL 1.2 to GFDL 1.3 and CC-BY-SA 3.0
COPYING.LGPL2 Remove Ctrl + l () character from source files
COPYING.LGPL3 Merge revisions 36016:36533 from trunk.
COPYING.OPENLDAP Merge revisions 36685:36729 from trunk.
ChangeLog Post-release version bump
HACKING Update HACKING file. Fixes bug #447689
NEWS NEWS update for 3.17.91
NEWS-1.0 Updated with the new 1.2 features (unfinished).
README doap: update URLs
README.translators Update Translator instructions (in case anybody ever reads them remove unneded call to autopoint Post-release version bump
enumtypes.c.template Bug #681837 - Make enum type registration thread safe
enumtypes.h.template Bug #681837 - Make enum type registration thread safe Drop support for gtk+-2.0. Rename libcomposer to libevolution-mail-composer. Move authentication of backends back to the client Use INTLTOOL_XML_RULE for appdata files
evolution.doap Update AUTHORS, MAINTAINERS, doap, etc. Update
iconv-detect.c Bug 721545 - License text contains obsolete FSF postal address Fix distcheck errors. Make the intention of /tmp more explicit, and rescue people who happen Initial revision


Evolution is the integrated mail, calendar and address book suite from
the Evolution Team.

See for more information.

If you are using Evolution, you may wish to subscribe to the Evolution
users mailing list.  If you are interested in contributing to
development on it, you should certainly subscribe to the Evolution
Hackers mailing list.  Visit

to subscribe or view archives of the Evolution mailing lists.

If you are planning to work on any part of Evolution, please send mail
to the mailing list first, to avoid duplicated effort (and to make
sure that you aren't basing your work on interfaces that are expected
to change).

There is also a #evolution IRC channel on

Help for Evolution is available in the user manual (select "Help" from
the menu after running the application), at the Novell knowledge base
(, in the Evolution man page (run "man
evolution" at the command line), and in the --help strings (run
"evolution --help" at the command line).

The rest of this file is dedicated to building Evolution.


In order to build Evolution you need to have the full set of GNOME 2.6
(or greater) development libraries installed.

GNOME 2.6 or greater comes with most of the modern distributions, so
in most cases it should be enough to just install all the devel
packages from your distribution.

Please make sure you have the most recent versions of the libraries
installed, since bugs in the libraries can cause bugs in Evolution.

Additional dependencies, besides the stock GNOME libraries (the
dependencies should be compiled in the order they are listed here):

	* gnome-icon-theme 1.2.0 or later

	* ORBit 2.9.8 or later
	* libsoup 2.2.1 or later

	* evolution-data-server 1.1.1 or later

	* gtkhtml 3.5.0 or later

	* [Optional] Mozilla NSPR/NSS libraries

	  These are needed if you want to compile Evolution with SSL and S/MIME

          Many distributions ship these as Mozilla development

	* [Optional] gnome-spell 1.0.1 or later

	  This is only necessary if you want to have the spell
	  checking functionality in Evolution's message composer.


First you have to decide whether you want to install Evolution (and
its dependencies) into the same prefix as the rest of your GNOME
install, or into a new prefix.

Installing everything into the same prefix as the rest of your GNOME
install will make it much easier to build and run programs, and easier
to switch between using packages and building it yourself, but it may
also make it harder to uninstall later.  Also, it increases the chance
that something goes wrong and your GNOME installation gets ruined.

If you want to install in a different prefix, you need to do the
following things:

	* Set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to contain a
          colon-separated list of all the pkg-config directories that
          will be involved in the build.  This basically means a list
          of $prefix/lib/pkgconfig directory names, where $prefix is
          the prefix where a library is installed.

	  For example, if you have GNOME installed in /usr and you
          are installing Evolution and its dependencies in
          /opt/evolution, you want to do something like the following
          (assuming you are using Bash):

	      export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/evolution/lib/pkgconfig

	* Edit the bonobo-activation-config.xml file (which is
          normally found in /etc/bonobo-activation/) to include the
          location where you are installing Evolution.

	  In the example given above (GNOME in /usr, Evolution and
          dependencies in /opt/evolution), your
          bonobo-activation-config.xml will have to look like this:

	      <?xml version="1.0"?>

	* Pass an appropriate --prefix parameter to the configure
          scripts of Evolution and its dependencies, eg:

	      ./configure --prefix=/opt/evolution

More information on how to use the configure script is available in
the INSTALL file which is part of the Evolution tarball.


Some optional features can be enabled at compilation time by passing
appropriate flags to the configure script:

	* SSL support.

	  Make sure you have Mozilla's NSS nad NSPR libraries
	  installed and pass the following flag:


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