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GNOME Text Editor
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General Information

This is version 3.32.0 of gedit. gedit is a small and lightweight UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME environment.

gedit is part of GNOME and uses the latest GTK+ and GNOME libraries. Complete GNOME integration is featured, with support for Drag and Drop (DnD) from Nautilus (the GNOME file manager), the use of the GNOME help system, the Virtual File System GVfs and the GTK+ print framework.

gedit uses a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), which lets you edit more than one document at the same time.

gedit supports most standard editing features, plus several not found in your average text editor (plugins being the most notable of these).

The gedit core is written in the C language. Thanks to GObject introspection, plugins may also be written in other languages, like Vala and Python.

Although new features are always under development, currently gedit has:

  • Complete support for UTF-8 text
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Support for editing remote files
  • Search and replace
  • Printing and Print Previewing Support
  • File Revert
  • A complete preferences interface
  • Configurable Plugin system, with optional python support

Some of the plugins, packaged and installed with gedit include, among others:

  • Word count
  • Spell checker
  • File Browser
  • Automatic snippet expansion
  • Sort
  • Insert Date/Time
  • External Tools
  • Tag list

Other external plugins are also available.

gedit is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later, see the file 'COPYING' for more information.



gedit requires GTK+ >= 3.22.0, GtkSourceView >= 4.0.2 and libpeas >= 1.14.1 libraries. It also has a run-time dependency on an icon theme for its icons. If gedit fails to display icons, installing GNOME's default adwaita-icon-theme is a simple way of providing them.

PyGObject 3.0.x and gobject-introspection 1.42.0 are required to enable python plugins support.

gspell >= 0.2.5 is required to enable the spell checking plugin.

Simple install procedure:

% tar Jxf gedit-3.32.0.tar.xz			# unpack the sources
% cd gedit-3.32.0				# change to the toplevel directory
% meson _build					# run the `configure' script
% ninja -C _build				# build gedit
[ Become root if necessary ]
% ninja -C _build install				# install gedit

How to report bugs

Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system.


To contribute changes to the project, please fork the project on the GNOME gitlab instance and open a merge request. If the change fixes an existing bug, add the issue number in the merge request comment.

See the file 'HACKING' for more detailed information.

The gedit team.

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