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This is an unstable developers version 2.7.0 of the GIMP 'Video' menu.

The GIMP-GAP (GIMP Animation Package) is a collection of plug-ins
to extend the GIMP with capabilities to edit and create
animations as sequences of single frames.

 - gimp 2.8.0 or higher.
     This release was tested with gimp-2.8.10
     Note: GIMP-GAP provides some features that are able to call many of the
           GIMP standard filters. (plug-in programs that are shiped with 
           gimp-2.8.10) Those features depend on the tested PDB interface
           versions and may fail if newer version are used.

 - glib 2.8 or higher.

 - For full video encoding and decoding support
   check also the requirements for ffmpeg and libmpeg3.
   ffmpeg and libmpeg3 are included as sourcecode tarball in this
   GIMP-GAP distribution.
   - nasm  is required only in case when compiling of the
           (optional) libmpeg3 is desired.
           (nasm for the .asm sources)
   see file extern_libs/README_extern_libs for further information
   about those libs.    

 Optional libs for decode/encode videofiles:

 - libxvid       1.0.2
                   The free XVID Codec is used for MPEG4 encoding
		   with the gimp-gap AVI fileformat encoding plug-in.
		   (the FFMPEG libs have built in MPEG4 support
		   and do not depend on XVID Codec)                   
		   You can get the xvid codec at:
 Optional libs for decode/encode videofiles based on ffmpeg
 - libbz2
 - libfaac 
 - libfaad
 - libmp3lame
 - libx264

For general information about GIMP-GAP concepts
please read:

Feature specific details are documented the files

Additional Installation Notes

This GIMP-GAP release includes sourcecode tarballs of
external libraries :

- ffmpeg
- libmpeg3

Those libs are built automatically in case their requirements are available.
Configuration options for those libs can be set by editing the


Those configure_option files are read by the master .configure script

Installation from GIT source tree:

  ./   # includes generation of the configure script ant the ./configure call
  make install

A correct installation adds the follwing menu trees to the GIMP:
  <Filters>/Split Video to Frames
An overview of all menus can be found at

For the generic installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.

Additional notes:
  This version of GIMP-GAP is a separated Package since GIMP-1.3.x
  and does not compile/run with GIMP-1.2.x or older GIMP versions than 2.4.

Cross compilation for Windows:

GIMP-GAP was succesfully built for Windows 64 bit systems
on a 64 bit Linux Host by following those cross compilation steps:

    o) installed most dependency libs from openSuSE 13.1 windows 64 bit
       Note that openSuSE already provides many cross compiled libraries for Windows.
       The url for the win 64 bit repository is:
    o) have a script to setup environment varbles 
       (PREFIX, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other stuff see the gimp wiki crosscompile page)
    o) crosscompiled some dependency libs that were not provided as binary by openSUSE 13.1
    o) crosscompiled gimp-2.8.10 (see gimp wiki crosscompile page)

    o) configure GAP for cross compilation:
       -) Add the options:
              --enable-cross-compile  --target-os=mingw32  --arch=x86_64
          to the file:  extern_libs/configure_options_ffmpeg_win32.txt
       -) run configure (or with the following configure options:
           ./configure  --prefix=$PREFIX --host=x86_64-w64-mingw32 --disable-libmpeg3 --disable-gui-thread-support

   - GIMP-GAP provides frontend dialogs for:
      - mplayer 1.0
      OLD frontends:
      - xanim 2.80.1 exporting edition (with the extensions from loki
      - mpeg_encode (V1.5R2)
      - mpeg2encode (V1.2)

     The frontends and the external programs need UNIX environment to run.
     The programs mpeg2encode, mpeg_encode, and xanim
     are old and you may not need them at all since GIMP-GAP-2.2
     provides improved alternatives for all of them.
     Note that the old frontends are not maintained and not bulit by default.
     If you want to use that old stuff, you should install
       xanim 2.80.1 (loki)
       mpeg_encode and mpeg_play
       mpeg2encode and mpeg2decode
     on your system and configure gimp-gap with the option --enable-unix-frontends
     It is recommended to install the program mplayer.
     MPlayer does support very much videofileformats.

   - The GIMP-GAP playback module provides audiosupport for audiofiles
     in RIFF WAV format based on the SDL library.
     The older implementation of audiosupport is based on wavplay (tested
     with version 1.4) is still available 
     (but you should not need it anyway since the SDL based implementation
     works without an external audioserver and is available on multiple operation systems).
     If you want to have the OLD audiosupport you must install wavplay
     and configure and compile gimp-gap with the configure options:
     As far as i know, wavplay is available only for LINUX, but i may
     be wrong..
     The GIMP-GAP playback module further provides a button for converting
     other audiofile formats to RIFF WAV.
     If you want to use that feature the external following programs
     must be installed:
      - sox
      - lame
   - There is no need to install all those external programs to
     compile GIMP-GAP.

   - GIMP 1.1.4 upto GIMP-1.2.x have included older versions of GIMP-GAP 
     as standard plug-in (named gap) with no need of extra installation.


Please use GNOME's issue tracker for bug reports.

Before reporting a problem, you may want to see if someone else did 

Other known Bugs

- some mpeg videos do crash at read attempt.
  libmpeg3 1.5.4  has problems in its CLOSE procedure on those
  The GVA API has a built in workaround for UNIX operating systems
  and automatically use the libavformat based decoder in such a case
  (with a little run-time penalty at opening)
  for more details see docs/reference/txt/gap_gimprc_params.txt
    (video-workaround-for-libmpeg3-close-bug "no")

  you can produce such problem videos
  with the ffmpeg encoder, 
  and with "MPEG1 high quality" preset in the GIMP-GAP Master Encoder dialog

- random frame access is not possible for all supported video files
  with the libavformat based video decoder.
  (while testing for some mpeg1 encoded videos frame reads always failed after positioning
  the current API detects such "problematic" videofiles and emulates seek
  by very slow sequential frame read operations)

Have fun,
  Wolfgang Hofer
  Sven Neumann
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