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GtkGLArea 2.0.2

 GtkGLArea is an OpenGL widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit.

 Just as GTK+ is build on top of GDK, GtkGLArea is built on top of gdkgl which
 is basically wrapper around GLX functions. The widget itself is derived
 from GtkDrawinigArea widget and adds only few extra functions.

 Lower level gdkgl functions make it easy to render on any widget that has
 OpenGL capable visual, rendering to off-screen pixmaps is also supported.

 Related project which may iterest those who use GTK-- is GtkGLArea--. It is a
 C++ wrapper for gtkglarea written by Karl Nelson <>.


 You need GTK+ and either OpenGL or Mesa, if you have both you can choose which
 one to use by giving --with-lib-GL or --with-lib-MesaGL option to configure.

 Run './configure --help' to see all options you may give at configuration stage.
 Run './configure' and 'make' to build. You may now test programs in examples
 directory. Run 'make install' to install.

 Include files go to PREFIX/include/gtkgl/
 Library files go to PREFIX/lib/


 There is now a working windows port. There are old hand-written
 makefiles (makefile.mingw) but those are out-of-date. Autoconfigurated
 build should work OK. If you cannot get it to work, the makefile.mingw files
 should be pretty straightforward to modify.

 Prebuilt Win32 packages of GLib 2.0 and GTK+ 2.0 can be downloaded
 from Also a prebuilt GtkGLArea package might
 eventually be available from there.

 OpenlGL headers are also needed, either use those from the
 PlatformSDK (freely downloadable from Microsoft, even if you have to
 use a complex installer program, and it's hard to decide which of the
 zillion optional parts you actually want to get these headers), or


 or alternatively you may use


 Unzip these packages to some directory.

 The Inner workings of win32 gtkglarea is quite different form glx
 version, therefore you should only use GtkGLArea widget (gtk_gl_*)
 functions, no gdk_gl_* functions.

 You may also build gtkgl on MinGW. The trick(s) I ended up having to do
 were many:
 * run ./ from cygwin - for some reason mingw's auto* don't work
 * copy the gtk dist to /target - for some reason, the .pc files refer to this
 * be sure to install the w32api mingw package
 * explicitly set LDFLAGS, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, and explicitly declare
   where opengl32 is located when running ./configure, thus:

 LDFLAGS=-L/c/GTK/2.8/lib \
 PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/c/GTK/2.8/lib/pkgconfig/ \
 ./configure --prefix=/mingw \
             --with-GL-prefix=/mingw \


 Documentation is slightly out of date, sorry.

 docs/gtkglarea.txt	documents GtkGLArea widget (needs updating)
 docs/gtkgl.txt		documents gtk_gl_* functions (needs updating)
 docs/HOWTO.txt		good advice


 GtkGLArea home page
 Gtk-- wrapper


 - rewrite documentation in texinfo format
 - weed out bugs from autoconfigure scripts
 - overlays
 - add more functionality to windows port

Trademarks are owned by trademark owners.