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client daemon: Avoid overflowing when querying for filesystem info Aug 21, 2017
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daemon sftp: Add support for setting timestamps Sep 29, 2017
gettext/its gettext: switch to default-translate "no" Nov 7, 2016
man man: Reference should list gvfs(7) not gvfs(8) Nov 8, 2016
metadata metadata: Use static keyword for private function Sep 29, 2017
monitor proxy: Fix shadow mount handling for equal paths Aug 21, 2017
po Update Nepali translation Oct 6, 2017
programs programs: Fix bashism in gvfs-* wrapper script Sep 29, 2017
test test: Make sshd test optional Oct 10, 2017
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gvfs is a userspace virtual filesystem designed to work with the i/o
abstractions of gio (a library availible in glib >= 2.15.1). It
installs several modules that are automatically used by applications
using the APIs of libgio. There is also fuse support that allows
applications not using gio to access the gvfs filesystems.

The gvfs model differs from e.g. gnome-vfs in that filesystems must
be mounted before they are used. There is a central daemon (gvfsd)
that handles coordinting mounts, and then each mount is (typically)
in its own daemon process (although mounts can share daemon process).

gvfs comes with a set of backends, including trash support, sftp,
smb, http, dav and others. More backends are planned.

gvfs also contains modules for gio that implement hal volume monitors
and the gnome uri-scheme handler configuration.