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Monster Masher

Monster Masher is an action game for Gnome. The gnome world is falling
apart from the attack of the evil mineral monsters, and you, a humble
levitation worker, is the only remaining hope for the gnomes. The goal
is to mash all monsters to clear the road for the rock summoners to
block the monsters' entrance to the gnome world.

The homepage (with screenshots and more information) is:

The game is licensed under the GNU GPL.


You need a modern Gnome desktop (i.e. at least Gnome 2.6) with the
related libraries and the C++ wrappers for GTK+ and Gnome libraries,
gtkmm, libgnomecanvasmm, gconfmm and libglademm. These can be fetched
from, or are alternatively probably available as
packages from your distributor.

How to play

At each level, there are a number of rounded blocks which can be
pushed around. There are also some wall squares (blocks in another
color) which are fixed; they are the bedrock. When a monster is
between two blocks, pushing one of the blocks so that it hits the
other causes the monster to be mashed. The armoured monsters require
the other block to be the bedrock.

By pressing the pull key you can also pull a single block, provided
there are no monsters around it. You are not allowed to both push
blocks and pull one at the same time, though.

At the first levels, there are only the ordinary black monsters (the
scouting troops). At the deeper levels, you will encounter other types
of monsters. If you fight your way deep enough, you will even meet the
egg layers. The eggs themselves are not dangerous and can easily be
squashed by pushing blocks over them. However, linger for too long and
the eggs will crackle...

Mashing monsters and passing levels earns you points. For each 50
points you earn, the god of the gnomes (it is the same guy who gives
you your magical levitational powers) will grant you one more
resurrection of your life. The red gems are full of holy anger and
will kill all monsters near them when picked up, whereas the blue gems
possess divine cold and freeze all monsters for a short period of
time. The pink gems, the gems of love, make you invisible so you can
see to your affairs untested.

Some tips for how to reach the deepest level (level 30):

  - Be very careful when entering a new level; the monsters are
    scattered and it is difficult to escape.

  - Try to build "castles" by placing the blocks in rows with the
    monsters on one side and you on the other; then you can diminish
    the space for the monsters untested by gradually enlarging the
  - Learn how to control the hero well; diagonal pushes are often good
    for safely enlarging castles.

  - Beware of the red seeker monsters; if there is a hole in your
    defence, they will find it.

  - Appreciate the usefulness of pulling, sometimes a true monster
    trap can be maintained by pushing and pulling the same block


Report bugs and suggestions to the maintainer:


If you enjoyed playing the game, he would very much like to hear about