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Updated Occitan translation

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@Cedric31 Cedric31 authored gnomesysadmins committed
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Setup Fix icon loading on Windows, closes #734399
Tomboy Updated FSF's address
data Fix icon loading on Windows, closes #734399
extra Added support for newer versions of Firefox
help Updated Romanian Translation
libtomboy Remove unmanaged window present code and replaced it with managed cod…
macbin Mono bindings for Immendio's ige-mac-integration library.
osx/Contents Bump version 1.15.5
po Updated Occitan translation
test Build all assemblies directly into top-level bin directory
winbin Add missing Mono.Addins assembly.
.cvsignore Updated the BuildRequires and Requires lines to use gtk-sharp2 instea…
.gitignore Use xz compression for dist tarballs
COPYING Update printing addin to use Gtk.Print. Delete old gedit/gnomeprint-b…
COPYING-DOCS Added COPYING-DOCS file for bugg 582371
ChangeLog.pre-git Switch automake strictness to foreign, and rename ChangeLog to make i…
MAINTAINERS Add Aaron, Ben, and Jared as maintainers Working `make run` support that uses uninstalled add-ins
Makefile.include Build all assemblies directly into top-level bin directory
NEWS Update NEWS for 1.15.4
README doap: update URLs
Tomboy-mac.csproj Missing embedded resource in Mac project
Tomboy-mac.sln [mac] Support xbuild
Tomboy.csproj Fix icon loading on Windows, closes #734399
Tomboy.mdp Add note for translators
Tomboy.mds Forced update from MonoDevelop.
Tomboy.sln Set project .net requirements to 3.5 Better message when gnome-common is missing. Mono bindings for Immendio's ige-mac-integration library. Bump version 1.15.5 bgo #644020 Added 256x256 tomboy icon to the project to support GNOME 3 Patch from Mathias Hasselmann to fix bug #387579. Mono bindings for Immendio's ige-mac-integration library.
tomboy.doap doap: update URLs com.beatniksoftware.Tomboy.service -> org.gnome.Tomboy.service. Ditto.



Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Alex Graveley <>

Please send questions and suggestions to

Please report bugs using

Tomboy is licensed under the LGPL, see COPYING for more details.


Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. Simple and
easy to use, but with potential to help you organize the ideas and
information you deal with every day.

Have you ever felt the frustration at not being able to locate a website you
wanted to check out, or find an email you found interesting, or remember an
idea about the direction of the political landscape in post-industrial
Australia? Or are you one of those desperate souls with home-made, buggy, or
not-quite-perfect notes systems?

Time for Tomboy. We bet you'll be surprised at how well a little application
can make life less cluttered and run more smoothly.


The Tomboy homepage is located at .

Tomboy is stored in GNOME Git, in the tomboy repository.

If you're interested in discussing Tomboy, consider the Tomboy mailing list.
To subscribe, visit
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