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Help Wanted

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Create issues here or post topics about dynamips in the GNS3 Forum.

1. Contribute Information

If you have a real router, send the output of the console command show tech-support, or anything that shows different info in the router and the emulator.

They can be used as reference to test missing hardware features. (which exist all over the place)

Hardware Specs

I'm not familiar with any of the hardware and don't know where to get the hardware specs that detail how things work, so pointing me to those specs would be a huge help.

2. Contribute Code

Feel free to contribute code. =)

The easiest way to do so is to fork the repository, develop stuff in the fork, and send a pull request. There is plenty of hardware functionality that seems to be missing or unfinished, so that's where we need more help.

PS - I only contribute to what I'm currently using, based on the problems I encounter. Currently I'm not using GNS3 (and therefore dynamips) so don't expect much from me. - Flávio J. Saraiva (maintainer)


  • You can enable debug information by setting the various DEBUG_* defines to 1. The output is expected to appear in the <platform>_<name>_log.txt file, located in the dynamips working directory.
  • To view the log file in real time you can use tail in linux, and baretail in windows.

WARNING: GNS3 deletes the log files automatically when the topology is closed, so stop the routers and explore/copy the log file before opening/creating a new topology.

MPC860: read/write from unknown addr

These are produced in dev_mpc860.c, dev_mpc860_access().

To get a hint about the unknown addresses you can check the linux sources, arch/powerpc/include/asm/8xx_immap.h in particular.

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