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Release Versions

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Policy of Release Versions:

  • new versions are released when GNS3 makes a release, if the code changed
  • bugfix releases can also happen if:
  • the bug is serious enough
  • there is enough interest in a particular fix

Release Checklist

  1. Prepare...
  • clear DYNAMIPS_VERSION_SUB in CMakeLists.txt
  • update ChangeLog (with detailed changes)
  • update RELEASE-NOTES (with changes that affect end users)
  • update sw_version_tag in common/dynamips.c
  • update dates in man/dynamips.1, hypervisor_mode.7 and nvram_export.1 (date of last change)
  • commit and add tag for the version
  1. Release...
  • review commits and push to the public repository (with tags)
  • compile code (don't forget to stash uncommited changes!!)
  • do simple test run of executables (run with no arguments)
  • package executables (with RELEASE-NOTES)
  • package source code
  • upload packages to a new directory in
  • upload RELEASE-NOTES as README to the same directory
  • inform others about the release
  1. Develop...
  • set DYNAMIPS_VERSION_TRAIN to the next version in CMakeLists.txt
  • set DYNAMIPS_VERSION_SUB to -dev in CMakeLists.txt
  • commit and push to public repo
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