@grossmj grossmj released this Sep 15, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Fix small errors like unhandled exceptions etc.
  • Fix when appliance version is not available for Dynamips/IOU/Qemu. Fixes #2585.
  • Fix issue when installing appliance with no version selected. Fixes #2585.
  • Check for existing appliance name across all emulator types. Fixes #2584.
  • Improve the invalid port format detection. Fixes #2580
  • Catch OSError/PermissionError when checking md5 on remote image. Fixes #2582.
  • Fix UnicodeDecodeError in file editor. Fixes #2581.
  • Catch import error for win32serviceutil. Fixes #2583.
  • Fix bug with empty project ID when creating a new node. Fixes #2366
  • Fix various small errors, mostly about non-existing C/C++ objects.
  • Send extra controller and compute information in crash reports.
  • Update setup.py and fix minor issues.
  • Set the default delay console all value to 1500ms if using Solar-PuTTY.
  • Make Solar-Putty the default if installed. Ref #2519.
  • Fix issue with custom appliance. Fixes GNS3/gns3-registry#361
  • Forbid controller and compute servers to be different versions. Report last compute server error to clients and display in the server summary.
  • Fix issue with appliance categories. Fixes GNS3/gns3-registry#361
  • Add compute information to crash reports.
  • Add controller version in Sentry bug reports.
  • Backport: Fix "Network session error" issues. Fixes #2560.
  • Add SolarPutty command line. Fixes #2519.
  • Add missing Qemu boot priority values. Fixes GNS3/gns3-server#1385
  • Update PyQt5 from version 5.8 to version 5.10. Fixes #2564.
  • Include locale information and GNS3 VM version in crash reports.
  • Import encodings.idna to avoid LookupError when standard library is in a zip file.
  • Catch exceptions in various locations to fix small issues reported by Sentry.
  • Check if serial pipe can be opened for VMware and VirtualBox VMs.
  • Update aiohttp verion requirement in order to support Python 3.7. Fixes #2566
  • Catch asyncio.CancelledError when shutting down the server.
  • Report GNS3 VM errors to the GUI server summary. Ref #1359.
  • Replace vboxnet0 (if it does not exist) by the first available vboxnet interface on Windows. Fixes GNS3/gns3-vm#102
  • Check if the VirtualBox host-only network exists when starting a GNS3 VM running on VirtualBox. Ref GNS3/gns3-vm#102
  • Change file timestamps if necessary because ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980. Fixes #1360.
  • Add missing coroutine decorator Ref #2566
  • Refactor asyncio locking system for Python 3.7 support. Ref #2566 Ref #2568
  • Use asyncio.ensure_future() instead of asyncio.async() with conservative approach to support Python < 3.4.4. Fixes #2566
  • Fix exception with short names for Dynamips interfaces. Fixes #1386.

@ziajka ziajka released this Aug 13, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Fix incorrect short port names in topology summary. Fixes #2562
  • Add compute version in server summary tooltip.
  • Fix test for Qemu boot priority. Fixes #2548.
  • Fix boot priority missing when installing an appliance. Fixes #2548.
  • Support PATH with UTF-8 characters in OSX telnet console, fixes #2537
  • Allow users to accept different MD5 hashes for preconfigured appliances. Fixes #2526.
  • Do not try to update drawing if it is being deleted. Ref #2483.
  • Catch exception when loading invalid appliance file.

@ziajka ziajka released this Jun 14, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Add error information when cannot access/read IOS/IOU config file. Ref #2501
  • Fallback when using process name to bring console to front.
  • Use process name to bring console to front. Fixes #2514.

@ziajka ziajka released this Jun 12, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Do not try to update link if it is being deleted. Fixes #2483.
  • Fix can't add SVG image to project. Fixes #2502
  • Remove unwanted trailing characters and other white spaces when reading .md5sum files. Fixes #2498.
  • Update interface sequence number check. Fixes #2491.
  • Logo should not have context menu, Fixes: #2507
  • Update logo position only when changes, Fixes: #2506

@ziajka ziajka released this May 22, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Ask for global variables when project is loaded
  • Add/Edit global variables of project
  • Rename tabs at Edit Project
  • Global variables tab on Edit project
  • Support of supplier logo and url
  • Add missing crowdfunder name in About dialog.
  • Project variables and supplier
  • No timeout when duplicating a project.
  • No timeout when restoring snapshot.
  • Add advanced settings for docker and ExtraHosts param, Ref. #2482
  • Replace "not supported" by "none" in topology summary view.

@ziajka ziajka released this Apr 18, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Fix Qemu binary list locks when a version is deleted. Fixes #2474.
  • Fix invalid answer from the PyPi server. Fixes #2473.
  • Fix wrong wizard page name.
  • Grid size support for projects. Fixes #2469.
  • Remove 'include INSTALL' from MANIFEST. Fixes #2470.

@ziajka ziajka released this Mar 14, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 9
  • Update node on server on any change, Fixes: #2429
  • Mark IOU layer 1 keepalive messages feature as non-functional. Fixes #2431.
  • Images refresh when added via settings, Fixes:#2423
  • Emit project_loaded_signal after project creation
  • Add option Show interface labels on new project, Ref. #2308
  • Improve finding pyuic3.exe on Windows
  • Use debug for error downloading file messages. Fixes #2398.
  • Refresh buttons in the cloud node to query the server for available interfaces. Fixes #2416.
  • Handle Certifacte Error, Ref. gns3-server#1262
  • Use UTF-8 for IOURC file migration.
  • Look for symbols on controller, Ref. #2405
  • Display an error message if Telnet console program cannot be executed.

@ziajka ziajka released this Jan 21, 2018 · 111 commits to 2.1 since this release

Assets 9
  • Change messages when there are different client and server versions. Fixes #2391.
  • Fix "Transport selection via DSN is deprecated" message. Sync is configured with HTTPTransport.
  • Refresh CPU/RAM info every 1 second. Ref #2262.
  • Only check for AVG on Windows
  • Improve the search for VBoxManage.
  • Allow telnet console to node with name containing double quotes. Fixes #2371.

@ziajka ziajka released this Dec 29, 2017 · 47 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Fix dragging appliance into topology from nodes window, fixes: #2363
  • Fix Appliances in Docked mode, fixes: #2362
  • Create local variable in order to debug issue in the next occurrence, #2366
  • Fix ParseError: not well-formed (invalid token), #2364
  • Fix local variable 'vm' referenced before assignment #2365
  • Fix: 'NodesDockWidget' object has no attribute 'uiNodesView', #2362
  • Tentative fix for packet capture not working correctly when remote main server is configured. Ref #2111.
  • Log Qt messages with log.debug() instead of log.info().
  • Fix auto idle-pc from preferences. Fixes #2344.
  • Snapshoting project without timeout but with button. Ref. #2314
  • Improve validation for idle-pc.
  • Activate faulthandler.
  • Add PATH to OS X console commands
  • Use raw triple quotes in large console settings This eliminates one level of quoting
  • Fix issue in node summary when console is not supported by a node.
  • Remove unused symbols. Fixes #2320.
  • Show console information in Topology Summary Dock. Fixes #2258.
  • New option: require KVM. If false, Qemu VMs will not be prevented to run without KVM.
  • Implement variable replacement for Qemu VM options.
  • Show on what server a node is installed in the servers summary pane. Fixes #2279.
  • Add more info when cannot remove capture file after stopping packet capture in a remote project. Ref #1223.
  • Do not overwrites the disk images when copied to default directory. Fixes #2326.
  • Only replace quoted telnet for macOS Telnet commands. Ref #2328.
  • Support Telnet path containing spaces. Ref #2328.
  • Fix problem when embedded telnet client path contains a space on macOS. Ref #2328.
  • Do not launch console for builtin nodes when using the "Console to all nodes" button. Fixes #2309.
  • Update frame_relay_switch_configuration_page_ui.py
  • Turn off timeout for node creation