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Packer for TinyCore GNS3 appliance

For building a MicroCore / TinyCore appliance.


Clean core Linux installation

The only added packages are: * ipv6 * iptables * iproute2

packer build core-linux.json


A build of Core with BIRD Internet Routing Daemon preinstalled.

packer build -var-file=bird.json core64-linux.json


A build of Core with Openvswitch preinstalled.

packer build -var-file=openvswitch.json core64-linux.json


An appliance for simulating a domestic modem. eth0 as a dhcp and eth1 should be a nat interface.

packer build -var-file=core-linux-internet.json core-linux.json


A build of Core with the NETem (Network link emulator) preinstalled.

packer build -var-file=NETem.json core-linux.json

Tiny Core Linux installation

Tiny Core is Micro Core with a light GUI installed.

packer build tinycore-linux.json


A build of Tiny Core with Firefox preinstalled.

packer build -var-file=tinycore-linux-firefox.json tinycore-linux.json


A build of Tiny Core with Ostinato GUI + drone preinstalled.

packer build -var-file=ostinato.json tinycore-linux.json

A drone-only VM without GUI can be build with:

packer build -var-file=ostinato-drone.json core-linux.json