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This is the Git repository for GNU Aspell

The following packages need to be installed to build this package from Git:

  • perl (I use v5.6.0 but other versions may work)
  • libtool
  • gettext
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • makeinfo

Before the build:


./configure --disable-static <options>
# or ./config-opt <options> or ./config-debug <options>

The ./config-* will set things up for easier development. If you want to install Aspell to use it rather than develop with it than use the normal configure. When config-* is used the default things will be installed in <build dir>/inst for easier testing and debugging. You can change that by using the --prefix option.

Autogen should be run when ever anything but the source files or files are modified.

Than to build and install:

make install

You will then need to install a dictionary package for the new Aspell. You can find them at If Aspell is installed somewhere other than /usr/local you will probably need to add <prefix>/bin to your PATH or make symbolic links to the executable in order for the dictionary to build correctly.

To run the debugger on these programs if there are not installed use

libtool gdb <debugger parms>


libtool --mode execute <your debugger> <debugger parms>

For example to debug aspell with ddd use

libtool --mode execute ddd prog/.libs/aspell

Using libtool is necessary to make sure the shared libraries get loaded right. If you debug them after they are installed this will not be necessary.