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GODcoin core blockchain
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What is GODcoin?

GODcoin is the official currency of Christ. There are two types of digital tokens, gold and silver, which can be exchanged for physical gold and silver. GODcoin uses proof-of-Stake consensus in a peer-to-peer network for energy efficiency and security of assets.

For more information see the whitepaper.


At the current stage, this software is considered experimental and under heavy development. Many components are changing on a daily basis so documentation will be minimal until the software stabilizes.


  • NodeJS 10+
  • Yarn

This project does not, and will never, use npm. Yarn is able to keep the lock file consistently generated and lock all dependencies down to the lock file.

Getting started

Make sure the source code is locally available by either cloning the repository or downloading it.

Install the dependencies:

$ yarn install

Run the test suite:

$ yarn run test

Launch GODcoin:

$ node ./bin/godcoin.js
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