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  • Launch date: 02.04.2017

  • Type: Proof of work with double GOST R 34.11-2012 hashing algorithm

  • Total coin supply: 3.103.954 GST

  • Block target speed: 3 minutes

  • Block speed retargeting: every block, using Kimoto Gravity Well starting block 33333, and classic BTC algorithm before

  • Current block reward: 5 GST per block, will be 2.5 GST after block 306600, that's estimated for December, 2018

Total GST mined vs. time

Total GST mined vs. time

Full list of rewards.

When block number less than 42000 then reward equal 4.2 GST plus comission.
When block number more than 42000 and less than 77777 then reward is 7 GST.
When block number equals to 77778 then reward is 10 GST.
After... 5 / 2^(N/306600) where N equals number of block.
P.S(By PLAZ) of my calculations(uncorrect maybe) gostcoin have to ended reward in the ~ 2030-2040 year in progress which now.
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