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# Release Notes
#### (Dec 30th, 2008) GPGMail 1.2.0 (v56):
- Available for 10.5 Leopard only
- Now under BSD license (more liberal than before)
- Project now located on
- Better compatibility when decrypting messages from old mailers (e.g. handles encrypted attachments)
- Added Swedish localization by Erik Hedlund
- Added new keyserver to list (SKS)
- For ASCII encrypted/signed messages, enforces use of quoted-printable - more robust - Thanks to Greg A. Woods
- Fixed support for <code>gpg2</code> (provided that you have a working agent - see FAQ)
- Fixed problem with <code>GPGOpenPGPExecutablePath</code> (no longer necessary in most cases - see documentation)
- Fixed bug when sending signed+encrypted (ASCII) message with untrusted recipient, and GPGMail set to trust no key: an exception was logged, instead of being displayed to user.
- Fixed bug: was still signing when automatic signing but no matching account
- Fixed bug with manual choice of encryption keys: message might be sent without encryption/signature
- Fixed bug: draft additional headers were not removed when message was delivered
- Fixed bug with manual choice of keys: choice was lost when displaying again key list
- Fixed bug with AppleScript-generated messages, and redisplayed PGP buttons
- Fixed dependency on <code>/usr/local/bin/gpg</code>
- Fixed positioning of compose accessory view
- Fixed bug with 'verbose' option in gpg.conf file
- Fixed toggle triangle state (showing/hiding the extended signature info)
- Fixed case where public key choice was still automatic even after user chose keys manually
- Fixed initial automatic choice of key according to account
- Fixed initial sign/encrypt settings, when they should be set by default
- Fixed bug with disabled toolbar items on detached viewers
- Fixed UI-compatibility problems with MailTags
- Fixed bug with non-English locales
- Fixed bug with 'Reply to All' button
- No longer supports Tiger (10.4)
- No longer supports Panther (10.3)
#### (Feb 5th, 2006) GPGMail 1.1.2 (v46):
- Last version for Panther/10.3
- Panther: fixed crashes
- Tiger: built as Universal Binary
- Now needs <code>gpg</code> &gt;= 1.4.x
- Tiger: temporarily disabled display of PGP elements in composer window when window is created via AppleScript, to avoid unsolvable bug - you can still change PGP settings via menu Message/PGP.
- Mail no longer freezes when with using untrusted keys for encryption
- Now fills in automatically PGP Key Download search field as soon as a key is missing (except when already performing search/import)
- Fixed passphrase encryption when signature was toggled on
- Fixed crash after message delivery failure
- Dutch localization by Marc-Siebren Kwadijk
- Added hidden user default, <code>GPGOpenPGPExecutablePath</code>
- Fixed uncaught exceptions when <code>gpg</code> not configured correctly
- Better error message when error related to specific key
- Better key server-related error messages (not yet localized though)
- Now accepts SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 hash algorithms
- Fixed compatibility-problem with MailTags
- Fixed sorting of keys in key chooser dialog
- Fixed bug when "only if message is unread" prefs were followed (when checked) even when automatic decryption/authentication was unchecked
- Fixed problem where encryption was not settable until signing had been set, in some cases.
- No longer tries to decrypt text/plain attachments
- Tries to decrypt/verify application/octet-stream attachments
- Fixed alignments in new message window
#### (Jul 17th, 2005) GPGMail Release 1.1.1 (v44):
- Changed keyboard shortcuts for sign/encrypt/decrypt/verify, using same as PGP, because our ones didn't work on Tiger anylonger
- Tiger: Fixed compatibility problem with Enigmail encrypted messages that could not get decrypted
- Fixed unlocalized error message NO_VALID_PRIVATE_KEY
- Tiger: added separator line to compose window (thanks to Felix Schaumburg)
- Changed pref text: reply to <strong>PGP</strong> encrypted/signed
- Warning icon was no longer displayed when missing PGP keys
- Tiger: toolbar icons take less space now
- Tiger: Encryption/signing works again when performed from menu/toolbar buttons, without PGP buttons in composer
- Tiger: it was no longer possible to choose any PGP keys manually
- Spanish localization by Sergio Rodríguez Concha
- Finnish localization fix by Seppo Laaksonen
- Japanese localization by Tomio Arisaka
- Sender's PGP information (sign/encrypt/MIME) stored in AddressBook is no longer evaluated by rules
- When evaluating for reply/forwarded, don't use signed/encrypted information from S/MIME messages
- Fixed German localization
- Added hidden option, <code>GPGAddCustomHeaders</code>
- Tiger: Fixed install on 10.4.1 and later
- Fixed alignment of some items in composer window
- Now links to MacGPGME dynamically, to avoid license problem
- ASCII signed messages: fixed problem with Usenet signatures
- Tiger: fixed auto-decryption/auto-verification of unread messages
- Tiger: fixed refresh problem of compose accessory view when To/CC fields get higher
- Tiger: fixed iPhoto problem
- Added Danish localization by Sebastian Adorjàn Dyhr
- Fixed some ASCII signature verification problems
- Fixed UI bug when message is created by AppleScript
- Tiger: Fixed assertion failure when verifying messages
- Tiger: Was sometimes failing to report error
#### (Apr 29th, 2005) GPGMail Release 1.1 (v42):
- Added support for Tiger (10.4)
- Fixed invalid display of keys being revoked/expired/disabled/invalid
- Fixed compatibility problem with Windows' EudoraGPG, thanks to Georg Wedemeyer
- Fixed Finnish translation (courtesy of Asko Kauppi)
- Added basic support for AddressBook groups
- Added automatic settings (encryption, signature) based on current context
- Added retrieval of people <code>gpg</code> options from their Address Book card (set by Robert Goldsmith's ABKey bundle)
- No longer tries to use invalid secret key when encrypting
- Got rid of GPGMEProxyServer
- Much faster PGP operations, notably key listing
- When a draft is restored, the encryption and signature states are restored too
- Fixed problem with attachments having non-ASCII filenames: now these chars are replaced by '_', but that doesn't affect final filename, except maybe on old mail clients.
- Fixed bug with default private key which needed to be selected manually to get actually selected
- Lot of new options
- Added PGP-settings conflict resolution panel on delivery
- Now correctly recognizes revoked/disabled keys
- No longer reports wrongly a hash algo choice error instead of the unability to sign
- Only English, French, Finnish and German localizations are complete
- And more... to be documented
#### (May 14th, 2004) GPGMail Release 1.0.2 (v37):
- New icons by Michel Poulain (thanks also to Moritz Guth)
- Corrected default key selection restoration
- Corrected Spanish localization
- Corrected scrolling of signature banner title
- 10.2: no longer fails to load 10.3-compiled version, but catches error and reports it to user
- New (hidden) option, <code>GPGRefreshesKeysOnVolumeMount</code>, to disable automatic refresh of keys when volume is (un)mounted; default value is YES.
- New (hidden) option, <code>GPGDisablesSMIME</code>, to totally disable S/MIME encryption/signature. Default value is NO.
- No longer considers text/plain attachments as potential PGP parts
- Fixed incompatibility with PGP7/Outlook: for encrypted messages, always uses <code>content-transfer-encoding: 7bit</code>
- When keychain passphrase was wrong, keychain item was not deleted
- Corrected recognition of disabled/revoked secret/public keys
- User could select revoked private key -&gt; signed message was empty
- New feature: if user shows all keys (no filter), then display key status (revoked/disabled/expired)
- New feature: extended key server list, like in GPGPreferences
- New feature: show alert when signer's key is revoked/disabled/...
- Fixed: if you select passphrase encryption then turn it back off, the signing option is unticked (when it should be ticked).
- New feature: after encryption failure due to missing keys, user can now select to send unencrypted
- Fixed: 10.3: Account pulldown menu in composer window is randomly greyed. Happens as soon as changing account changes PGP key, from now on.
- 10.3: changed disclosure triangle in signature banner
- Compose window: warning icon is now displayed in popdown menu
- Added hidden option <code>GPGUsesAlwaysCRLF</code> to always use CRLF as line-ending for PGP-inline encryption/signing; default value is NO.
- Corrected recognition of disabled/revoked public keys in compose panel
- Fixed enabling/disabling of toolbar/menu items when multiple windows are open
- Fixed rare dead-lock at startup
- Last release with 10.2-compatibility
#### (Nov 17th, 2003) GPGMail Release 1.0.1 (v33):
- When PGPmail is installed, you're no longer forced to quit, but you're warned that it's at your own risks.
- No longer leaves orphan GPGMEProxyServer processes on quit or crash
- Corrected some error messages
- Key search results sometimes didn't display correct names (problem with accents)
- Key search now displays "revoked" status in results
- Now refreshes keys each time a volume has been (un)mounted
- Added Finnish localization by Seppo Laaksonen
- Added Japanese localization by Kory Talmage
- Applied typographical rules to French localization
- Corrected some resizing errors
- Corrected installation problem with FileVault
- Corrected installation problem in <code>/Network/Users/</code>
- Corrected problem with some keys which have ISOLatin1 string encoding for the userIDs, when decrypting/signing
- Installer checks now system version
- No longer leaves a sticky "Done." message in the status view
- Added Korean localization by Sangduk Park
- Corrected problem with other mailers that added an empty line between each line when verifying/decrypting a PGP message
- Replying/forwarding/redirecting a decrypted message now quotes the decrypted message
#### (Oct 25th, 2003) GPGMail Release 1.0 (v30):
- Completely reviewed code; now uses GPGME (indirectly)
- Replaced most of modal dialogs by non-modal ones, à la Junk Mail
- Added support for KeyChain, thanks to Annard Brouwer
- Added support for multiple secret keys
- User can now choose private/public keys; automatically, or manually
- Added symetric encryption support (encryption without key, only with shared passphrase)
- Preferences panel has been completely revamped, with new options
- New option: enable/disable trust of keys according to web-of-trust
- New option: choose OpenPGP-MIME format; automatically, or manually
- User can use BCC recipients too
- Decryption of encrypted and signed messages no longer fails when when signature cannot be checked (missing key, etc.)
- Corrected AppleScript incompatibility
- New option: sign when encrypting
- New option: decrypt/authenticate automatically only when message is unread
- New option: in passphrase panel, you can display typed passphrase
- When encrypting message, if you miss a key, GPGMail will try to find one on your default keyserver.
- Added ability to search for keys on keyservers.
- New option: line wrapping
- New option: always encrypt
- After computer sleep, passphrase timeout is now reset
- Corrected Installer problem with path containing aliases/links
- Corrected problem with format=flowed
- Now checks presence of PGPmail
- Hash algorithm is set according to your gpg preferences
- Dropped support for 10.1
- Added support for 10.3
#### (Sep 10th, 2002) GPGMail Release 0.5.4 (v22):
- Added Swedish translation from Daniel Aarno
- Added Italian translation from Filippo Stefanelli
- Corrected some glitches with passphrase panel
- No longer leaves files in <code>/tmp</code>
- Added an installer
- Documentation translated in French
- License has been modified
- Corrected Korean translation
- Added support for MacOS X 10.2.x
- Corrected compatibility problem between contextual menu and other Mail plug-ins
#### (Jun 23rd, 2002) GPGMail Release 0.5.3 (v20):
- Added Spanish translation from Sergio Rodríguez Concha
- Added French translation from Michel Poulain
- Added Japanese translation from Tomio Arisaka
- Added beautiful icons from Michel Poulain
- Modified "decrypted" icon, by Jamin Wilson
- Added new userDefaults, <code>GPGOpenPGPStyleOnly</code> (default value is NO), to force always using OpenPGP-style encryption/signing
- Corrected problems with attachments which were not yet loaded
- Corrected problem with Kotoeri input method
- Added German translation from Hauke Müller
- Added Danish translation from Thomas Dyhr
- Stopped support for MacOS X Server (Rhapsody)
- Added Korean translation from Sangduk Park
- Added support for encapsulated signature (RFC1847); this is now the default method used when encrypting a signed message with OpenPGP style.
- Corrected state of newly added toolbar buttons
- Corrected problems due to character sets (no longer forces use of UTF8)
- Added contextual menu for decryption/authentication
- Corrected header decoding bug
- Corrected signature bug
- Corrected compatibility problems with Sylpheed, Evolution, Entourage, Outlook, Eudora, etc.
- Corrected compatibility problem with MacOS X 10.1.5
- Added basic support for HTML signed/encrypted messages
- Corrected problem with gpg 1.0.7: you no longer need to sign keys before using them for encryption. With gpg 1.0.6, you still need to: if you don't, encryption is refused.
- Corrected problems with MailPriority &gt;= 1.1
#### (Nov 22nd, 2001) GPGMail Release 0.5.2 (v13):
- Ported to MacOS X 10.1.x
- Corrected problems with character sets
- Added keyboard shortcuts
- Now needs gpg version &gt;= 1.0.6
- No version for MacOS X Server 1.x
#### (Sep 8th, 2001) GPGMail Release 0.5.1 (v8):
- Ported to MacOS X 10.0.4
- Corrected bugs in the application of RFC 3156
- Corrected lots of other bugs
#### (Feb 7th, 2001) GPGMail Release 0.5 (v4): initial release, for MacOS X Server 1.x and MacOS X Public Beta.
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