Branch: dev
Commits on Jan 7, 2019
  1. Fixed a bug, where a search for a non-existing key triggered an error.

    Mento committed Jan 7, 2019
    The error code for "Key not found" changed with gpg 2.2.12
    [#174 state:fixed]
  2. Fixed the keyserver check for new gpg.

    Mento committed Jan 7, 2019
    Search for a non-existing key and check the response to see, if the keyserver if working.
    This check doesn't test, if the keyserver has any keys. It only tests if the keyserver is answering correctly.
    [#171 state:fixed]
Commits on Jan 2, 2019
  1. Give slow keyservers more time to answer.

    Mento committed Jan 2, 2019
    [#171 state:started assigned:mento milestone:0.8.8]