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NORM Praat Script NEWS

2010-05-25 :: 3.4 (Praat Script for NORM, with Timestamps)

  • Added timestamp to Word field to indicate the time (in seconds) of the single or steady-state measurement. (The time of the glide is not recorded.)

2010-04-22 :: 3.3 (Praat Script for NORM, with Better UX)

  • Allow multiple words in "Word" field. (Previously, text entered in the "Word" field would be truncated after the first space.)
  • Moved buttons on the diphthong dialog box around so that everything is more consistent.

2010-03-19 :: 3.2 (Praat Script for NORM, with Instructions and Windows Bugfix)

  • Worked around bug in Praat for Windows where a trailing slash is not supplied in the temporaryDirectory$ variable.
  • Made some minor changes to the documentation.

2010-03-18 :: 3.1 (Praat Script for NORM, with Instructions)

  • Added detailed instructions on how to use the script.
  • Moved the copyright message up and made the formatting of the file nicer.

2010-03-14 :: 3.0 (Praat Script for NORM)

  • Removed support for Plotnik.
  • Replaced automatic measurement of glides with manual measurement.

2010-03-07 :: 2.0 (Praat Script with Glides)

  • Major overhaul to include the ability to automatically measure glides in a selection (for NORM), using a very simple algorithm (take the mean of only the last quarter of the selection).
  • Improved Plotnik comments.
  • Made code a little more pleasant to read.

2010-03-06 :: 1.1 (New Praat Script 2)

  • Added check to ensure that the Plotnik output file is valid.

2010-03-05 :: 1.0 (New Praat Script)

  • Updated Bill Labov's very simple script (included with some versions of Plotnik) to include support for NORM.