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phpSyntaxTree 1.10
2005-06-02 int2str <>
* README: Added local installation instructions
* src/class.svggraph.php, src/class.treegraph.php, stgraph.png, stgraph.svg:
Fix PHP generated warning messages when allow_call_time_pass_reference is set to 'off'.
* src/counter.php:
Check if file exists before accessing it, to prevent warning messages.
phpSyntaxTree 1.9
2005-03-10 int2str <>
* css/default.css, tpl/footer.html, tpl/intro.html, tpl/main.html:
Made content area and phrase entry field sizing more dynamic.
2005-03-05 int2str <>
* src/class.stringparser.php:
Fixed problem where TAB characters would cause empty tree element.
2005-02-27 int2str <>
* src/class.treegraph.php:
Use the font size as padding for tree elements to fix a bug where the text elements were drawn too close to each other at large font size settings.
* index.php: Started 1.9 development cycle.
phpSyntaxTree 1.8
2005-01-08 int2str <>
* ChangeLog: Fixed email address in ChangeLog
* tpl/main.html:
Fixed bug where Konqueror would constantly reload the phrase form.
* css/default.css: Cleaned up column style.
2005-01-07 int2str <>
* tpl/intro.html: Fixed HTML syntax error.
phpSyntaxTree 1.7
2005-01-06 int2str <>
* tpl/footer.html, tpl/header.html, tpl/intro.html, tpl/main.html, css/default.css, index.php:
* Changed Version number handling (now a template variable)
* Broke out HTML header and footer into their own respective files to be included from main.html and intro.html
* New HTML/CSS layout
* lib/class.template.php:
Pass known values to included sub-templates before parsing them.
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