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GPII-3567: Adding additional information to publish steps.

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@@ -150,10 +150,13 @@ _**NOTE:** Published versions can be installed from the [Chrome Web Store](
3. Test all of the preferences and ensure that they apply to web page content correctly.
1. Refresh any Browser Tabs/Windows that were open prior to installing the extension.
2. The preferences should be tested individually and in combinations to ensure that interactions between the
preferences are working properly. For example (Text-To-Speech and Syllabification).
preferences are working properly. For example (Text-to-Speech and Syllabification, Text-to-Speech with
Reading Mode).
3. Multiple web pages should be tested. However, not all preferences will work with all sites. For example,
YouTube captions will only work with YouTube videos embedded using the iframe API and providing captions
(not autogenerated captions).
1. This [example]( provides a YouTube video that can be used to
test Captions.
4. Load Morphic and ensure that logging in users (e.g. [uioPlusCommon]( applies the
preferences to UIO+.
@@ -185,6 +188,18 @@ _**NOTE:** Published versions can be installed from the [Chrome Web Store](
8. When everything appears correct, publish the changes.
1. The actual publishing to the Chrome Web Store will take about an hour.
9. Tag the master branch with the release (e.g. v0.1.0-beta.10)
10. Create a GitHub release for the tag
1. Go to the [gpii-chrome-extension]( GitHub page.
2. Click on "releases"
3. Click "Draft a new release"
4. For "Tag Version" and "Release Title", enter the tag name created in step 3.9 (e.g. v0.1.0-beta.10).
5. For the description, add a summary of changes and any other important information. View prior releases for
6. Attach the build zip file created in step 2.2. Before uploading make sure the file is named "build_{tag}.zip"
7. If this is a beta release, check "This is a pre-release".
8. After all the information has been entered correctly, click "Publish release".
4. Verify Published UIO+
1. Ensure that the contents of the [UIO+]( page on the

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