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-Copyright (c) 2012, OCAD University
-Copyright (c) 2012, Steven Githens
+Copyright 2012, OCAD University
+Copyright 2012, Steven Githens
+Copyright 2012, Astea Solutions
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
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-This repository contains GPII-related prototypes, created as a part of the Cloud4All project. For more information, please visit:
+This repository contains all of the platform-specific code required to run the GPII Personalization Framework on Linux with GNOME.
-The following projects can be found in the repository:
-usb_auth - User authentication with a USB stick and a token. Linux prototype.
+The following components can be found in the repository:
+* usbDriveListener: a UserListener implementation that will detect a USB drive with an anonymous GPII user token installed on it
+* gSettingsBridge: a Node.js module for accessing the gSettings API via JavaScript within a Node application

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