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Kasper's fix for USB drives with spaces in their names. #7

merged 1 commit into from

2 participants

Colin Clark Kasper Markus
Colin Clark

Kasper, I've taken your changes from here:

And merged them cleanly without all the other changes that were in your pull request. Can you double check that this works and push it if you're happy with it?

Colin Clark

Kasper, I tested this on my Linux box with a key called "CARLA GREAT" (she stole your nickname) and it worked, well, great.

Kasper Markus

worked like a charm.. thanks colin

Kasper Markus kaspermarkus merged commit dde0504 into from
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  1. +2 −2 usbDriveListener/bin/
4 usbDriveListener/bin/
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ if [ $1 -eq 1 ]; then
sleep 1
- mountLocation=`mount | grep $2 |cut -d " " -f 3`
- token=`cat $mountLocation/.gpii-user-token.txt`
+ mountLocation=`mount | grep $2 | sed -e "s#/[^ ]\+ [^ ]\+ \(.*\) type.*#\1#"`
+ token=`cat "$mountLocation/.gpii-user-token.txt"`
echo "User logged in on device $2 with token ${token}." >> "$logFilePath"
echo $2:$token >> "$usersFilePath" # Keep the location and token in a users file.
curl http://localhost:8081/user/$token/login
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