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GPII Linux USB Drive User Listener

The GPII Linux USB Drive User Listener is a standalone application which looks for new filesystems on the system such as USB drives, SD cards, etc. When a new filesystem has been added the application will look for a valid token on the partition, if the token exists it will trigger the login process into the GPII.

If you've installed the GPII you can run the user listener in the same way you launch any other application from the system, but also, you can run the user listener yourself by typying gpii-usb-user-listener.

If you still haven't installed it, you can run it from the source code just by typing ./gpii-usb-user-listener but you should make sure that you have write access to /var/lib/gpii/log.txt

Usage instructions:

  1. Prepare a USB stick with a popular readable file system
  2. Create a file .gpii-user-token.txt (with a valid token on it) in the top level of your USB stick
  3. Start the GPII Linux USB Drive User Listener
  4. Start the Flow Manager by running
  5. Add/remove the USB stick and watch your settings change!