Chromecast API wrapper for Electron applications
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Electron Chromecast

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An implementation of the chrome.cast API in electron



You must consume electron-chromecast from within your renderer process, preferably in a preload script.

// ES5

// ES6
import 'electron-chromecast';

This will inject the chrome.cast variables and the associated methods globally automatically.
By default when requesting a new Session through chrome.cast.requestSession you will be provided an active Session with the first Chromecast Device we find. To change this behaviour read the Advanced section.


// ES5
var chromecast = require('electron-chromecast');

chromecast(function (receivers) {
    return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
        // Do some logic to choose a receiver, possibly ask the user through a UI
        var chosenReceiver = receivers[0];

// ES6
import chromecast from 'electron-chromecast';

chromecast(async (receivers) => {
    // Do some logic to choose a receiver, possibly ask the user through a UI
    const chosenReceiver = receivers[0];
    return chosenReceiver;

The function returned from electron-chromecast should be called with a single parameter; a function that returns a promise that will eventually resolve with a single receiver. This receiver is the one that will be used by chrome.cast.


Note: Behind the scenes we use MDNS which has some system requirements, make sure your system has the required dependencies.


  • All the TODO's in code (We only implemented the functionality required by Google Play Music, however this should be sufficient for MOST applications)

TODO (But totally not needed): The API