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V-EZ is an open source, cross-platform (Windows and Linux) wrapper intended to alleviate the inherent complexity and application responsibility of using the Vulkan API. V-EZ attempts to bridge the gap between traditional graphics APIs and Vulkan by providing similar semantics to Vulkan while lowering the barrier to entry and providing an easier to use API.


The documentation for V-EZ can be found here


  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 64-bit
  • Linux 64-bit (tested on Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Visual Studio® 2015 and later
  • GCC 4.9 and later
  • CMake 3.8 and later
  • LunarG Vulkan SDK 1.1.70

Hardware Support

V-EZ is not hardware vendor specific and should work on non-AMD hardware.

Building V-EZ

  • Run cmake to generate Visual Studio solution files or Linux make files. No specific settings need to be set.

  • Pull down submodules

git submodule init

git submodule update

  • Build V-EZ project.