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@adam-sawicki-a adam-sawicki-a released this
· 481 commits to master since this release

Major release after a year of development in "master" branch and feature branches. Notable new features: supporting Vulkan 1.1, supporting query for memory budget.

Major changes:

  • Added support for Vulkan 1.1.
    • Added member VmaAllocatorCreateInfo::vulkanApiVersion.
    • When Vulkan 1.1 is used, there is no need to enable VK_KHR_dedicated_allocation or VK_KHR_bind_memory2 extensions, as they are promoted to Vulkan itself.
  • Added support for query for memory budget and staying within the budget.
    • Added function vmaGetBudget, structure VmaBudget. This can also serve as simple statistics, more efficient than vmaCalculateStats.
    • By default the budget it is estimated based on memory heap sizes. It may be queried from the system using VK_EXT_memory_budget extension if you use VMA_ALLOCATOR_CREATE_EXT_MEMORY_BUDGET_BIT flag and VmaAllocatorCreateInfo::instance member.
    • Added flag VMA_ALLOCATION_CREATE_WITHIN_BUDGET_BIT that fails an allocation if it would exceed the budget.
  • Added new memory usage options:
    • VMA_MEMORY_USAGE_CPU_COPY for memory that is preferably not DEVICE_LOCAL but not guaranteed to be HOST_VISIBLE.
  • Added support for VK_KHR_bind_memory2 extension:
    • Added VMA_ALLOCATION_CREATE_DONT_BIND_BIT flag that lets you create both buffer/image and allocation, but don't bind them together.
    • Added flag VMA_ALLOCATOR_CREATE_KHR_BIND_MEMORY2_BIT, functions vmaBindBufferMemory2, vmaBindImageMemory2 that let you specify additional local offset and pNext pointer while binding.
  • Added functions vmaSetPoolName, vmaGetPoolName that let you assign string names to custom pools. JSON dump file format and VmaDumpVis tool is updated to show these names.
  • Defragmentation is legal only on buffers and images in VK_IMAGE_TILING_LINEAR. This is due to the way it is currently implemented in the library and the restrictions of the Vulkan specification. Clarified documentation in this regard. See discussion in #59.

Minor changes:

  • Made vmaResizeAllocation function deprecated, always returning failure.
  • Made changes in the internal algorithm for the choice of memory type. Be careful! You may now get a type that is not HOST_VISIBLE or HOST_COHERENT if it's not stated as always ensured by some VMA_MEMORY_USAGE_* flag.
  • Extended VmaReplay application with more detailed statistics printed at the end.
  • Added macros VMA_CALL_PRE, VMA_CALL_POST that let you decorate declarations of all library functions if you want to e.g. export/import them as dynamically linked library.
  • Optimized VmaAllocation objects to be allocated out of an internal free-list allocator. This makes allocation and deallocation causing 0 dynamic CPU heap allocations on average.
  • Updated recording CSV file format version to 1.8, to support new functions.
  • Many additions and fixes in documentation. Many compatibility fixes for various compilers and platforms. Other internal bugfixes, optimizations, updates, refactoring...