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@AmitBM AmitBM released this Jul 15, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release


  • Added support for D3D12 compute in a new mode of the command line tool (-s dx12) :
    • Compile D3D12 compute pipelines through the command line tool to generate:
      • GCN/RDNA ISA disassembly
      • HW resource usage statistics
      • Live register analysis
      • Control flow graphs
    • Target a variety of devices, regardless of the ones physically installed on the system.
    • Both HLSL source code and binary DXBC/DXIL are supported as an input.
    • More accurate disassembly and hardware resource usage statistics, as the new mode leverages the live driver and uses root signatures.
    • For more information about the new D3D12 compute mode, visit this page.
  • Added support for the Navi architecture in the following modes: Vulkan, Vulkan offline, DX12, DX11 and OpenGL.

Note: HLSL mode (-s hlsl) was renamed DX11 (-s dx11).

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