Repository for ipython notebooks demonstrating functionality of pygplates
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Repository for jupyter (formerly ipython) notebooks demonstrating functionality of pygplates

The notebooks are designed to be a companion to the pygplates documentation. The documentation contains sample code illustrating in a general sense how to perform certain tasks; these notebooks contain worked examples on actual data sets.

For general information on GPlates, please see the gplates website:

The pygplates documentation can be found here:

Data files used within the tutorials is contained within the 'Data' folder. These plate model files (*.gpml and *.rot) are taken from the sample code released with version 1.5 of the GPlates desktop application. When running the notebooks, various files will be produced which by default will be created within the /tmp folder.

System Requirements:

The fundamental requirement to run these notebooks is to have pygplates installed (compatible with Python 2.7, but not Python 3.X). Installation instructions can be found in the pygplates user documentation. Other python modules used by the notebooks are:

  • numpy
  • matplotlib (including the basemap extension, and mpltools add-on)
  • pandas

If you have issues or questions, please consider directing them to the GPlates mailing list:



These tutorials stem from the work of Simon Williams, Michael Tetley, John Cannon, Michael Chin EarthByte Group, University of Sydney, 2016