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1 Copyright (c) 2011 Mr. Gecko's Media (James Coleman). All rights reserved. Permission is granted, to any person obtaining a copy of this plugin, to use, copy, modify, merge, or redistribute this plugin under the following terms: 1. This file must be included in all copies of this plugin unmodified in the resource of the plugin. 2. THIS PLUGIN IS PROVIDED "AS IS" BY JAMES COLEMAN, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. IF YOUR SOFTWARE/COMPUTER CRASHES OR FAILS TO WORK IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM BECAUSE OF THIS PLUGIN, I (JAMES COLEMAN) AM NOT IN ANYWAY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PROBLEM. 3. Redistributions of source code must retain the copyright notice above this license file without modifications. 4. Redistributions of binary must contain the copyright above this license file without modifications. 5. You may not change the about panel, as it is giving credit to everyone who helped write this plugin and they deserve the credit for their fine work. 6. Mr. Gecko's Media (James Coleman) is allowed to modify these terms without notice to you or anyone else.
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