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Copyright 2010 by Mr. Gecko's Media (James Coleman). All rights reserved.
Documentation is on my todo list.
List of info.plist properties that can also be put into the NSUserDefaults.
MGMGRCrashEmail - The email address crash reports are sent to.
MGMGRBugsEmail - The email address bug reports are sent to. (If blank, bug reports are sent to the crash report email address.)
MGMGRContactEmail - The email address messages from contact me are sent to. (If blank, bug reports are sent to the bug report email address.)
MGMGRLogFiles - Log files of your application to be sent when a crash report is sent.
MGMGRReportFileAttached - If YES then crash reports are attached, if NO then crash reports are in the message.
MGMGRTimeFormat - The time format for crash report date. (
MGMGRTimeZone - The time zone you would like the crash report date to show in.
MGMGRURL - If you do not trust my server, you can host the php file copied from my server to you own and modify it.
Please send patches to and I'll over view it and include credit to your fixes as needed.
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