A Framework for managing crash reports, bug reports, and messages.
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Copyright 2010 by Mr. Gecko's Media (James Coleman). All rights reserved. http://mrgeckosmedia.com/

Documentation is on my todo list.

List of info.plist properties that can also be put into the NSUserDefaults.
MGMGRCrashEmail - The email address crash reports are sent to.
MGMGRBugsEmail - The email address bug reports are sent to. (If blank, bug reports are sent to the crash report email address.)
MGMGRContactEmail - The email address messages from contact me are sent to. (If blank, bug reports are sent to the bug report email address.)
MGMGRLogFiles - Log files of your application to be sent when a crash report is sent.
MGMGRReportFileAttached - If YES then crash reports are attached, if NO then crash reports are in the message.
MGMGRTimeFormat - The time format for crash report date. (http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/DOCUMENTATION/Cocoa/Conceptual/DataFormatting/Articles/df100103.html)
MGMGRTimeZone - The time zone you would like the crash report date to show in.
MGMGRURL - If you do not trust my server, you can host the php file copied from my server to you own and modify it.

Please send patches to support@mrgeckosmedia.com and I'll over view it and include credit to your fixes as needed.