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Aurora is a game about space colonization, artificial intelligence, and eschatology.

You can play it at

This project was led by Grace Rarer as part of Georgia Tech's VGDev club.

How to build and run locally

  • Anyone can play Aurora on the web, but Node.js is required for developers to build and run a local copy of the game.
  • After forking and cloning the repository, navigate to the Aurora directory and run npm install to install the developer dependencies. We have included some helpful node scripts:
    • npm run build to compile the game
    • npm run lint to run code style checking
    • npm run start to start a local server. You can then navigate your web browser to http://localhost:<port#>/index.html to test your local copy (the default port will usually be 8080). After starting the live server, you do not need to restart it after each build; it will reload automatically.


  • Game design, programming, and art assets by Grace Rarer
  • Programming, DevOps, and serialization framework by Prindle
  • Procedural music generation by May Lawver
  • Environment art by Seong Ryoo
  • Additional programming by Mitchell Philipp, Brad Baker, and Will Cooper


  • To save and load the game, we use Augustus (MIT License)
  • For emoji rendering, we use Twemoji by Twitter (MIT license for code, CC-BY 4.0 license for emoji graphics)
  • The game's UI uses IBM Plex Mono (Open Font License)
  • Menu background image via NASA (public domain)


  • This project is released under the MIT license.