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repo status maintained POC/Notes
18F/.github ? ? Hand back to @18f @nateprice18F
GSA-TTS/aws-admin active Y @nateprice18F
GSA-TTS/aws-cleanup active Y @nateprice18F
18F/before-you-ship archived Y Migrated into
18F/billing-tools archived Y NA
18F/bug-bounty archived Y Migrated to GSA Enterprise
18F/certificate-service archived Y LetsEncrypt used for all TTS
18F/chandika archived Y
18F/charlie collaborators Y Managed by @18F
18F/chat collaborators Y Managed by @18F
18F/deploy-ttslicenses archived N Deprecated
18F/dns active N @jjediny
18F/ghad active ? @nateprice18F
18F/glossary active ? @nateprice18F No longer used as a plugin the Handbook uses Markdown
18F/handbook active N TTS Handbook is crowdsourced @jjediny Website Manager
18F/ active N @jjediny Website Manager
18F/laptop archived ? @tts-tech-operations
18F/newrelic-terraform active Y Uptime Synthetics Monitor for all TTS Websites, Services, and Endpoints export from @jjediny @MichaelSides @Mgilesd
18F/pages-redirects active ? Managed by @jjediny @MichaelSides @Mgilesd
18F/private-eye active N Managed by @18f
18F/raktabija archived Y
18F/slack-export-handling archived Y @nateprice18F
18F/tts-common-controls active Y @jjediny @MichaelSides @Mgilesd @nateprice18F
18F/tts-tech-portfolio active Y You are Here
18F/tts-tech-portfolio-private archived N Google Drive
18F/uswds-jekyll archived Y Managed by
18F/vulnerability-disclosure-policy archived Y Migrated to GSA Enterprise

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