Defense Logistics Agency

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As the largest combat support agency, DLA does business with thousands of vendors on over 5 million items. DLA is participating in the AI pilot to learn more about the technologies involved and identifying use cases that would benefit the current and potential vendors and the public at large. DLA is interested in seeing if making existing open source information available to AI technologies is worth pursuing and what steps are required in order to make this happen.

The data sets that are planned to be included in the pilot are available on the current DLA homepage and subpages.

The DLA At a Glance page,, includes general scope of business information for DLA.

The Doing Business with DLA page,, covers many different topics that are of interest to commercial vendors to include:

  • Making information available to vendors that support the Request for Quotations (RFQ's) via DIBBS
  • What RFQ's for part/food/item/etc. were released today?
  • What RFQ's for part/food/item/etc are closing today?

Information related to the Commercial and Government Entity Program (CAGE) application ( to search and identify CAGE codes and get FAQ's answered.

  • What is a CAGE Code?
  • Why do I need a CAGE code?
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