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Welcome! This repository is a collection point for all repositories. is a program and technical platform with a website and API promoting good practices in code development, collaboration, and reuse across the U.S. Federal Government. provides tools and guidance to help federal agencies implement the Federal Source Code Policy (FSCP). aggregates an inventory of the federal government's custom code to promote reuse between federal agencies. provides tools to help the government and the public collaborate on open source projects.

You can read the original White House FSCP announcement and announcement.


All of our work is open source and we encourage you to take a look and contribute to our projects by submitting a pull request, a Github issue, or commenting on existing issues and pull requests. If you are unsure as to where an issue should live, please use the GSA/code-gov repo as a catch all.

All of our repositories follow our Code of Conduct and Contributing guidelines. repositories consists of multiple repositories containing code and information.

Front-end - Repositories related to the website with user-facing interactions for the platform.
Project Description
GSA/cautious Utility Functions in JavaScript to clean up messy data aggregated from federal agency code.json files for Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-api-client Program used by the front-end for interacting with the API. Also avaialbe as NPM packages - deprecated & active.
GSA/code-gov-data Program for updating the schema with filters used by the front-end.
GSA/code-gov-front-end Our frontend project, currently deployed as a static site which renders, this project is backed by our API to display project repositories, search, and an agency compliance dashboard. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-site-map-generator Generates sitemap.xml for in production environment. Also available as an NPM package.
Back-end - Repositories related to the API with data harvesting and delivery for the platform.
Project Description
GSA/code-gov-adapters Our attempt to extract all data adapters into a simple reusable project. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-api Our backend API. An Express.js app backed by Elasticsearch. Its primary function is to index and make America's source code discoverable and searchable.
GSA/code-gov-harvester Our standalone source code inventory harvester.
GSA/code-gov-integrations This project contains all of our third party integrations. Currently Github integration is the only one implemented. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-validator Schema validation package for Also available as an NPM package.
Tools - Projects we have created in order to better aid our work on the platform. They do not affect the development or deployment of our main repositories.
Project Description
GSA/code-gov-converter Converts publiccode.yml to code. json.
GSA/code-gov-github-metrics This project compiles and calculates GitHub metrics across the different repos so we can understand and track community contributions over time.
GSA/code-gov-open-source-toolkit This is a government-wide project facilitated by the team to produce a toolkit pertaining to open sourcing software.
GSA/code-gov-verify-agency-jsons This a utility project, used in conjuction with code-gov-harvester and can help users find various statistics of repositories imported into the platform.
Deprecated repositories - Repositories that were previously used by the team but are no longer in use.
Project Description
GSA/code-gov-about-page Component for the About page on The about page component was integrated directly into GSA/code-gov-front-end in order to simplify the site architecture. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-admintool This repository contains the source code for the frontend of the Admin Tool.
GSA/code-gov-admin-backend This repository contains the source code for the backend of the Admin Tool.
GSA/code-gov-coding-languages Standard List of Coding Languages used by Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-data-quality-poc data quality scoring proof of concept.
GSA/code-gov-developer-docs This repo is meant to be a simple way to start using our API. Documentation is now hosted at
GSA/code-gov-fscp-react-component Federal Source Code Policy(FSCP) plugin for code-gov-front-end, built with markdown and React. The FSCP is now hosted at Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-font Custom font and icons used by the front end. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/code-gov-gitsecretpatterns Repository for git-secrets patterns and bootstrap script.
GSA/code-gov-harvester-deprecated The old version of the harvester that harvests and processes code.json files from agencies. The new harvester repo is GSA/code-gov-harvester.
GSA/code-gov-repos-parser Parse out information from repos.
GSA/code-gov-repo-template A basic template to use for all repositories which includes our standard documents and contact info. Using this as a base ensures that all of our community standards are followed.
GSA/code-gov-stats A simple app to extract stats about repositories using the Github API and Cloc.
GSA/code-gov-stats-jupyter-notebook Extract some stats for using the Github GraphQL API.
GSA/code-gov-style Our effort to modularize our CSS styles. Also available as an NPM package and Jekyll site.
GSA/code-gov-web The old version of the front end. The front end stack was changed from Angular to React. The new front end repo is GSA/code-gov-front-end.
GSA/compliance-dashboard-web-component Reusable compliance dashboard web component. Web component integrated into GSA/code-gov-front-end. NPM component.
GSA/json-schema-validator-web-component Web component that displays a JSON File and validates it based on a schema. A new version will be incorporated into the front-end in the future. Also available as an NPM package.
GSA/json-schema-web-component Web component that displays a JSON Schema consumed by the front end. Integrated into front-end as a React component. Also available as an NPM package.

Files you'll find in this repo

These files offer information for federal agencies of how to inventory code and place on

  • Federal Source Code CoP Meeting Minutes: This folder contains the notes from our monthly Community of Practice meetings.
  • Federal Source Code Study: This folder contains the Federal Source Code Study (FSCS) and summary documents to be used for upcoming blog posts.
  • Metadata Schema: This folder contains the notes from our metadata schema workgroup meetings.
  • UX: This folder contains UX personas.
  • A comparison table of code.json generator tools.
  • Info on how the data quality scores are determined.
  • General guidance to follow when developing on the front end.
  • Detailed info on our Open Tasks (formerly Help Wanted) and the labels projects need to use in order to display these on
  • Description of the infrastructure, server space and memory, required to run It breaks down the server requirements by front-end and different back-end processes.
  • Guidance on how agencies can calculate labor hours on open source projects.
  • A showcase of good examples of metadata in current agency code.json files.
  • Administrative procedures for the team
  • repo-labels.json: A json file that can be used to add the specific GitHub issue labels uses on their projects.
  • This living document explains how we collaboratively manage the platform repositories.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.